Colonnade Hotel Wedding Photographer :: Boston, MA :: Alison + Matt (Part III)

Hello! We're back at Our Lady of Victories Church in Boston, MA for Alison & Matt's wedding ceremony...I'm keeping the words to a minimum as
a) the pictures speak for themselves
b) I'm in some kind of turkey coma...

Whilst Matt was getting his boutonniere pinned on, Alison's grandmother was catching up with family:

Alison arrived in the limo with her father:

Matt's sister Meredith, Alison's sister-in-law Taylor and Alison's cousin Ashlee wearing the most beautiful navy satin bridesmaid dresses:

Anticipation was high as the doors were closed and then opened for the bride (image on the right captured by Julia Snider):

Matt's mom had a little tear in her eye:

Matt was doing a subtle lean to get a better glimpse of Alison:

Alison looked straight ahead at Matt and her dad looked at her mom :)

This might just be one of my new favorite pictures:

Matt finally saw Alison:

Beautiful church:

It was too early for kissing or handholding but Alison and Matt still found a way to lean into each other and share a little smile:

A minor confusion in the order of service led to these priceless expressions:

By the power vested in me by the state of blog I now pronounce you husband and wife:

Julia shot this image of the lighting of the unity candle from the balcony:

Happy Newlyweds:

As you read this you might be thinking that your pants feel a little tight after your Thanksgiving dinner...all I have to say is that once you see the pictures of the food at cocktail hour tomorrow you'll be ravenous again...

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