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Just over 2 weeks ago I had the most AMAZING weekend. I photographed Alison & Matt's spectacular wedding at The Colonnade and then on Halloween morning I met up with Becky & Duke for their engagement pictures in Charlestown (oh, and I had a meeting with Caitlin & Peter and they booked me for their wedding next July - it doesn't get any better!)

Alison & Matt's pictures will be featured ALL though next week so today I'm squeezing in a little preview for Becky and Duke. And believe me when I say that regardless of your Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing, next week I will have a veritable FEAST of wedding pictures for you right here!

Update over - on with the blog....

As a single guy you gotta have rules.

Duke was a single guy and he had rules. Plenty of them.

The most important rule: Just drinks on a first date.

Dinner can feel like too much of a commitment and it can get awkward if you run out of conversation. So just drinks on a first date.

Duke and Becky met at a friend's party. They'd all been to culinary school so it was a foodie type party with a pig roast. Nothing better in my opinion. In his own words, Duke was holding court and being a ham. Becky and Duke got chatting and Duke asked her to go out with him. Just for drinks of course.

On their first date Becky and Duke had drinks.

And then they had dinner.

Duke was breaking all the rules...

After dinner Becky suggested they walk across the street and get another drink together. And Duke realized that maybe his single guy rules were meant to be broken. And after the drinks there may have been some "kerbside makeout" which is my new favorite phrase.

So after much rule breaking and dating and relationship fun, Duke got down on one knee in City Sq in Charlestown and asked Becky to marry him. Becky said yes. And I'm guessing there was maybe some more kerbside makeout but I'm just too polite to ask about that.

I'm sure you're now mad for some pictures and who am I to disappoint...yes, Becky and Duke arrived with a GIANT pumpkin engraved with their initials. I hereby award the pumpkin the #1 Best Prop Ever award:

Who doesn't like to sit in the fall leaves on a Sunday morning?

I love a colorful little doorway so we hung out here for a while:

This was almost "monument makeout" but we scaled it back to "monument coziness":

I imagine life with Becky & Duke to involve an awful lot of laughing interspersed with lovely food and it sounds just perfect:

The leaves looked like they were on fire. And Duke continued to be a ham...

Although I did catch some of the sweet moments in between:

This was a sort of sunflare happy accident but I like it regardless:

Becky and Duke are getting married in January in the Winter Garden of the Seaport Hotel and then they're having their reception at Mistral. You wouldn't expect anything less from a pair of ex-culinary students.

I'll leave you with one last pumpkin shot:

Happy Friday! I have my last wedding of 2010 tomorrow, I can't believe another wedding season is over! Feel free to leave a comment below, you know they make me smile...

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  1. Loved these pics of the trees/leaves (you know how I feel about the trees) and the photos of the engaged couple are pretty good too!

    Thought I might pass details of your website on to William and Kate - well of course I'm biased but they wouldn't get better.

    Your MUM