Saint Anselm College, NH :: Engagement Pictures :: Lindsay + Matt

As a general rule, wedding pictures take priority over engagement pictures. Which might seem a little strange but it works out because after your wedding everyone is desperate to see some preview pictures. Lindsay and Matt have been SUPER patient waiting for their pictures and so I'm interrupting the wedding blogging with an engagement session (back to wedding blogging tomorrow...)

Lindsay and Matt were at school together at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH. One of the best parts of my job is having my clients introduce me to some of the most beautiful locations that have special meaning to them. When they suggested taking pictures at Saint Anselm College where they met I was thinking - yup, would be cool - and then I arrived and was just wowed with how beautiful the campus is.

Lindsay and Matt tell me that something crazy like 70% of students end up finding their husband or wife at Saint Anselm and with a setting like this I can see why:

What's that? You'd like me to get closer? Well why not?

Before we walked around the rest of the Saint Anselm campus, I wanted to get a picture of Lindsay and Matt in each of the "windows" of this spectacular building. The only issue was that they couldn't actually see each other through the leaves...and I LOVE this picture

Ummm, how cute is Lindsay? I actually have the same shirt that she's wearing here. I just don't look this good in it. Matt was calling it "the pirate shirt" because of the ruffles and it made me laugh as I believe Paul may have referred to my shirt as "the clown shirt". I think Lindsay looks far from a pirate in this one:

How about a little paparazzi style shot where I hide in the trees:

And we found a little red fall foliage:

And I think these two images are my personal favorites from the day. I really enjoyed hearing about how Lindsay and Matt got to know each other at school, dated on and off and then finally decided to make it "official":

Matt started out the day a little sceptical of the whole "engagement shoot" concept plus he was missing the golf on TV but I think once he realised I wasn't going to be making him do anything too terrible he relaxed and even came up with these images on his own:

My school didn't look like this...

And one last one with the town of Manchester, NH in the background:

Lindsay & Matt - thank you for introducing me to Saint Alselm, for being so great to photograph and for being so patient waiting for your pictures! I hope you enjoy this little preview and the link to your full gallery is flying through the email cloud as I type. Can't wait to shoot your wedding next May!


  1. How cute are you two?! These pics were so worth the wait, I cant wait to see more and really cant wait for MAY!!! Great job, Leah!

  2. They came out AMAZING!!! Such a cute couple :)

  3. AMAZING pictures!!!! Lindsay and Matt are such a beautiful couple- inside and I! I'm lucky enough to be friends with them and am so excited for their wedding! Such a great job capturing the beauty of our school too! Beautiful work!

  4. Gorgeous! What a beautiful couple complimented by a gorgeous day! Well done!

  5. Leah -- I keep meaning to tell how much I enjoy your work, so today's the day: Great stuff :-)

    -- Paul

  6. Great pics, Linds & Matt! And loved seeing St. A's. Yay!