Newburyport Engagement Pictures in the Fall :: Lauren + David

Lauren and David live in Austin, TX but will be getting married in Maine next September and guess who'll be photographing their wedding? Yup - me! We talked over the phone plenty but the first time we met in person was to take these pictures and so there was the potential for a little awkwardness but I am happy to report there was zero awkwardness.

We started out down by the harbor:

And then found some cool tall grass in the boatyard. Lauren and Dave were laughing away:

I figured they seemed pretty comfortable with the whole engagement shoot lark and therefore it was time to make them lie down in some leaves. Lauren has spectacular sparkly eyes:

Dave - are you laughing at me or with me? :)

I liked the blue color of this door, it almost matches my blog:

Sometimes couples will ask me "how do we choose a location for our engagement pictures?" and I'll usually ask if there's a place with some special meaning to both of them or their home or a beach or park if they're outdoorsy kind of people.

For out-of-town wedding clients I'll suggest a bunch of different places and when I mentioned the harbor/downtown/New England feel of Newburyport Lauren and Dave happily agreed to meet me there.

Paul and I lived in NBPT for years before moving to NH and so I figured we'd take in some of the more famous sites like the Fowles sign:

We stopped by Oldies Marketplace which is a great way to while away a Sunday morning. Fabulous old estate/costume jewelry and other crazy stuff. Lobster trap anyone?

Lauren & Dave had been haring around Maine trying to find the perfect reception venue to compliment their wedding ceremony which will be held at one of the most beautiful churches in Kennebunkport - Saint Anne's Church and they commented on how many churches there are in New England so we made a quick stop at one:

It was getting pretty cold so we popped into the excellent bookstore in the Tannery:

I found a little bench tucked away under a porch and the light was just beautiful, how cute are these two!?!

I will admit to having some major boot envy going on here:

You're probably wondering how Lauren & Dave met aren't you?

Well, some people live together before they get married.

Lauren and Dave lived together before they even dated :) They were actually at school together and lived in the same large student house. One night they went out for dinner. Lauren says she wasn't sure if it was actually a date as they split the check but Dave assures me it was a date. And everything went from there.

Fast forward past much dating and graduation and other fun. Dave and Lauren went back to Michigan and spent an amazing day doing all of their favorite Ann Arbor things. And at the end of that perfect day Dave asked Lauren to marry him. Lauren said yes. Hurrah! September 2011 can't come soon enough!

I got the most lovely little note in the mail from Lauren after the shoot saying how much fun they'd had. Well, I think I might have had more fun! I hope you like the preview pictures - lots more to follow!

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  1. Leah - you are so talented! I totally love the pictures, and you captured moments I didn't even remember. You make us look good! :)