Newburyport Fall Engagement Pictures :: 10 pictures in 10 minutes :: Katy + Sean

When I book new wedding clients at this time of year they often want to wait until the Spring or Summer to do engagement pictures which I completely understand...but then the quandary arises about which pictures to use for a save the date card or for the custom wedding websites that I offer.

So "10 pictures in 10 minutes" was born. This is a complimentary service I provide to my wedding clients who need just a few pictures NOW! Essentially they have to pretty much fit in with my schedule and location but I've done about 4 of these sessions now and they're pretty fun.

Katy & Sean will have their wedding at Atkinson Country Club & Resort in Atkinson, NH next year (can I tell you how excited I am to shoot there? It's where Paul and I had our post-wedding reception, the whole team are amazing, the food is delicious AND it's only 15 minutes from my house). We'll shoot some pictures in the Spring for their guest signature album but they needed just a few pictures now so one Sunday morning a few weeks back we met up to take 10 pictures in 10 minutes (well maybe 20 minutes...we did stop for Starbucks):

Katy and Sean had mentioned that they didn't really want super posed pictures and so I told them just to hang out whilst I checked my camera settings. And then I took some pictures anyway. Oh I am so sneaky:

We went for a little walk along the Newburyport waterfront:

And even sat for a minute:

It was pretty chilly but Katy was a trooper plus she had on a super cute BR shirt that needed to be shown off:

And Sean kept her warm and smiling:

It seems kind of obligatory to have some leaves in fall engagement pictures ;)

I'll often leave some negative space in pictures when I know they'll be used as save the dates as it leaves room for text:

I got all excited when I spotted these tiny red berries - they felt very "fall" or even "Pottery Barn Holiday-ish":

In fact I liked them so much I took another picture:

Katy & Sean are actual real-life high-school sweethearts, they met when one of Sean's friends told him about "a girl who's just what you're looking for". Sean met Katy and boom! They dated through Sean's senior year and the first year that he was away in school and then like many high-school relationships they took a little break. Katy says that during that time she dated a few guys but was always looking for another Sean.

But there's only one Sean:

And wouldn't you know it - he missed Katy too:

And so after finishing school Sean called Katy up one day. Now they're engaged! Next July they'll get married. And then they'll live happily ever after. The End.

So that was actually 12 pictures in like 26 minutes but I've never been that good at math...


  1. What a cute couple! Love the vibrant color in these pics.

  2. gorgeous pictures! Stunning couple! The one of just Sean was just breathtaking! I love the one of them with the berries!