Chocolate Truffles

January 29th was my first wedding of 2011. As I downloaded and backed up all of the image files yesterday I saw a picture that made me smile (well, I was actually smiling at lots of images coming up later this week...)

Saturday was such a great day; having a great photographer friend shoot with me, a wonderfully well-planned timeline, the bride getting ready with her best friend, sisters and Mom, a first-look with tears, a perfect wedding ceremony (more tears!), two welcoming families, an intimate wedding reception in the private room at Mistral and of course Becky & Duke themselves who have been just amazing to work with.

As the wedding reception wound down on Saturday night, and guests relaxed with desert and fine wine we packed up our equipment and said our goodbyes.

After Becky's Mom, Kathy had confirmed that we'd eaten (yay to the phenomenal team at Mistral who are currently #1 for taking the best care of us. I think it was the first time I've ever heard "What can we get you to eat and when would you like to eat it?") she tried to get us to take home slices of wedding cake. When we insisted we were so full from dinner she wouldn't take no for an answer and insisted we wait there.

We watched as Kathy located a clean napkin and filled it with teeny tiny handmade chocolate truffles from her own table before pressing the truffle-filled napkin parcel on us before we were allowed to leave :)

In the taxi back to my car, Kate and I ate the most delicious truffles ever and through a mouth full of chocolate I asked "How good is this?" And I wasn't talking about the truffles.

I am so incredibly lucky to get to work with my couples, they trust me to act as their eyes to document their wedding days, they open their hearts and their families welcome me in (and send me home with truffles!). I still can't believe I get to call this a job and I'm beyond excited for what 2011 is going to bring.

It wouldn't be a blog post without a picture so here are the truffles:

And the blog schedule for this week? In between client meetings for the last few dates of 2011 and the first ones of 2012 and finalising the last wedding albums of 2010 we'll have:
Getting ready pictures tonight or tomorrow
Wedding ceremony at the Seaport Winter Garden Atrium on Wednesday
Wedding reception at Mistral Private Dining Room on Friday.
You don't want to miss it!

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