Mistral Restaurant, Boston :: Wedding Reception Photographs :: Becky + Duke (Part IV)

If you need to catch up, you can find getting ready and detail pictures **here**, Becky and Duke's emotional first look **here** and their winter wedding ceremony at the Seaport Winter Garden Atrium in Boston **here**

We're now in the private dining room at Mistral Bistro in Boston for their wedding reception and I must tell you phenomenal the Mistral team were. I can honestly say that it is the first time I have ever been asked "What would you like for dinner and when would be the best time for you to eat it?"

Let me explain how amazing that is - usually the wedding venue will feed vendors - photographer, video, band or DJ - after all of the guests have eaten. This means wasted time as frankly, no one looks good in pictures whilst they're eating dinner. Usually as we sit down to grab a few bites (very welcome after working 8 hours but believe me that no one becomes a wedding photographer for the food!), the couple will be ready to cut the cake and do parent dances. It's the strangest thing. Asking your wedding coordinator if it's possible to have your photographer fed at the same time as your guests is therefore a pretty smart move.

The private dining room at Mistral is perfect for a small wedding reception, it's romantic and atmospheric and the flowers from Winston Flowers complimented the set up perfectly.

Becky and Duke met at the party of a mutual friend who had also gone to culinary school and so they're self-proclaimed foodies which was one of the reasons they chose Mistral. The champagne was flowing and their guests enjoyed signature thin crust pizzas, beef and foie gras ravioli, tuna tartare wontons, lemon arancini and shrimp tempura, grilled tenderloin, roast duck, wild mushroom risotto and pan roasted cod:

Happy guests:

Duke opened up the floor and Becky's father did a beautiful first toast:

Maid of Honor, Tara had written a totally brilliant poem and then Best Man, Ben closed with a head rub and his congratulations to the newlyweds:

Let them eat cake!

The cake was beautifully wrapped for guests to take home and they got to enjoy Mistral's trio of desserts:

Geeky photographer moment: The ceiling in Mistral is a beautiful dark dove grey and the walls are lined with windows and beautifully patterned silk curtains and it's dark. Really dark. Many photographers will "bounce" their flash off the ceiling or the walls for softer lighting but in this case it's not really possible. This is the moment where you are super happy you've attended numerous off-camera flash workshops and you joyfully pull out 4 off-camera strobe lights and pocket wizards and get creative with your lighting...

Becky had shared with me that the wedding reception was kind of "like a dinner party on steroids" and I think they pulled it off beautifully!

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the end of the wedding preview pictures. Becky & Duke - I hope you're having a wonderful wonderful time on your honeymoon and hopefully seeing these pictures will bring it all back. Wishing you both a lifetime of love, laughter, health, happiness and amazing food! Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer!

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And....my super photography friend Kate McElwee, who's an awesome photographer in her own right, felt like shooting a winter wedding so she came along as my over-qualified second shooter. We like to trade one or two weddings with each other each year so I owe her my services at an upcoming wedding now ;) You can pop over to her blog here to see her take on the wedding :)

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