Escaping the dirty snow of New England...

I have a few more weeks before the official New England wedding season starts so I thought I'd sneak out to Florida for some sunshine with my parents who are visiting from the UK. The above picture was taken with my cell phone so excuse the quality ;)

Check out my pedicure - 3 weeks and still counting from my trip to Las Vegas. I am also now an official Gelish manicure addict. I've never been one for manicures; my nails always chip in a day or two so it's always seems like a waste of time/money, but after my Gelish manicure lasted for 3 weeks with perfect red nails I was pretty impressed. I got back to NH and found that there's a salon in Newburyport offering Gelish

I imagine it'd be awesome on your honeymoon. Call and make an appointment with Debbi who just did my manicure and was awesome 978 465 0400

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  1. WOW! I was in love with your manicure in Las Vegas and I can't believe it's still that spectacular looking! LOVE!!!