Winter Engagement Pictures :: Mine Falls Forest & Park in Nashua, NH :: Cathy + Brian

I'm writing this blog post whilst in Florida for a couple of days of sunshine with my parents. Much as I love the images you're about to see, can I just mention that I can't WAIT for Spring in New England. I miss the blue skies with fluffy white clouds, the sidewalks free of dirty snow, the late afternoon golden sunshine...

Anyhoo, meet Brian and Cathy. On their first date Brian took Cathy out for ice cream. They talked and laughed and ended up watching a movie together:

Brian said within hours of meeting Cathy he knew that they were kindred spirits:

Cathy was a little nervous about the picture taking stuff, don't know why...

After just 20 minutes with Brian and Cathy I was struck by how much fun they have together, their little in-jokes, how comfortable they are with each other and how much they just seem to belong together:

I think the next image might be my favorite. It seems very peaceful and safe:

One last one just to say "yah boo" to Cathy's feeling of not liking her picture being taken. I LOVE these two!

You'll see more of Cathy and Brian when we do a regular shoot in the spring but I like these little winter preview pictures and can't wait for their November wedding!

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