Union Bluff Meeting House Wedding :: York, ME :: Diana + Jeff (Part I)

I had three inquiries for April 30th 2011. One couple then decided to go to Las Vegas instead so I met with both of the other couples. I always encourage couples to do their research and meet with more than one photographer - you should be 110% sure of your decision - but you also don't want to prolong the process and risk losing your date (more on that **here**).

Diana and Jeff were the second couple I met with and I loved hearing about their wedding plans at Union Bluff Meeting House in York, ME. About 15 minutes after we'd said our goodbyes, my phone rang and it was Diana. I thought she'd forgotten something or was perhaps lost so imagine my surprise (and delight) when she said that she'd talked to Jeff as they were driving home and he had said something like "I think we should just make the decision and book her as I know you'll be really upset if someone else does before us!" I emailed over a contract, they signed and sent over their retainer check - easy peasy!

Jeff is a smart man ;) and it was excellent timing as shortly after the call I had an email from the first couple wanting to book the date too (she was very disappointed but I helped with some recommendations) and so on Saturday I drove up to Maine to document Diana & Jeff's wedding!

But I digress, you're here for the opening of the New England 2011 Wedding Season! Well, strictly speaking I already photographed one fabulous wedding already this year but January seems like sooooo long ago that I had first-wedding-of-the-season butterflies on the drive up to the Union Bluff Meeting House in York, ME.

I arrived early and drove over to the church to check out the location. Hello cherry blossoms!

It was Royal Wedding fever for most and I loved how the florist labeled the flowers:

When I arrived at room 355 in Union Bluff there was a flurry of activity. Mimosas and music on the ipod. The calm and brilliant Lena from Hair That Moves working her magic with curling irons, bobby pins and all sorts of updos. The fabulous and lovely Joanne from Joya Beauty wielding her airbrush and false eyelashes to make the girls even more beautiful. And Diana's dress from Madeleine's Daughter just waiting to be slipped into:

Nope, Diana and Jeff don't have any babies (yet! but they better call me for the first baby Vachon as I want to do the pictures!). Jeff's childhood friend and best man Joe just had twin babies and Diana's teeny tiny Goddaughter came to pay a visit.

If time/location/schedule allows, I like to see what the guys are up to on the morning of the wedding. There's usually sport on the TV, maybe a beer or two and general befuddlement at the ties/cufflinks/vests. I loved how Jeff helped his Dad, Richard and then Diana's dad, Al helped Richard and Jeff. Team work :)

Jeff was calmly excited if that makes sense:

And then Diana's sister and Matron of Honor Andrea along with her bridesmaids helped her get dressed:

Diana's father Al came into the room to see his baby daughter all ready and about to get married:

Diana and Jeff decided on a first look so they'd have more time together on their wedding day. Jeff spun Diana for a good look without any direction from me and they both looked SO happy!!!

On the morning of their wedding Diana still had no idea where they would be going on their honeymoon. Not only had Jeff taken care of the whole SPECTACULAR trip AND managed to keep it a secret he also planned a totally unique way to tell Diana (Ladies - raise your hands if you'd like a Jeff in your life!)

Diana is a big Wheel of Fortune fan and Jeff found one on ebay and made Diana guess the letters for "French Polynesia" for her first clue. A video of "Couples Retreat" which was filmed at the honeymoon location gave the game away and Diana was crazy happy! Hello??! If someone tells you you're jetting off to a private over-water bungalow in a tropical lagoon I think you'd look that happy. And check out the audience in the bottom right ;)

Here's one last image from today - our happy bride and groom just before we left for the church so they could get MARRIED!

Oh just one more. How beautiful is York Beach? We totally lucked out on the weather too.

Come back on Wednesday for the ceremony and beautiful wedding photographs at Nubble Light. And then on Friday we'll have pictures on the beach and the wedding reception full of fun guests with amazing teeth (to be expected when the groom, father of the groom, a couple of groomsmen, a bridesmaid and a number of guests are dentists....) And feel free to say hello or congratulate Jeff & Diana in the comments.


  1. Oh, Jeff and Diana...these photos of you are wonderful! What a beautiful couple you make...inside and out! Dad and I are so happy for you! Love you heaps!

    Leah, you are an incredibly talented woman! We are very pleased that Jeff and Diana chose you to document their special day!

    Rick and Yvette Vachon

  2. Congrats to Jeff and Diana!
    Leah! Gorgeous! Love the cherry blossoms and the pops of pink in the attire. Cant's wait to see the rest of the wedding.

  3. Congratulations Jeff & Diana !!!
    You both look so wonderful and happy! The pictures are great.
    I am so sorry I couldn't be there, but I was thinking of you all day.
    Love, Cheryl Neff

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous couple! Great shots and the color is just amazing! Congrats to the couple and that fabulous surprise honeymoon!!! :)

  5. These pictures are tremendous - the perfect combination of awesome people and a very talented photographer. Eagerly awaiting the rest of the set!

  6. Beautiful Wedding pictures, bride looks amazing.
    Also how beautiful that cherry blossom looks, I had one but had to remove it as it was dropping all over my car, a real shame though!

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! LOVE the last image but my favorite is of her Dad tearing up, melt!

    I cannot wait to see the lighthouse images!!!!!!!

  8. I love all of these photos and I enjoy reading the story that goes along with them. I didn't know about "Wheel of Fortune!" Can't wait to see the upcoming photos as well.
    Aunt Julie

  9. Beautiful pictues...love the Maine Hotel, pic's on the beach...YOu guys look radiant..Congrats!