Union Bluff Meeting House Wedding :: York, ME :: Diana + Jeff (Part Ib)

I have a confession to make. When it comes to my blog I'm a complete comment whore. I know from google analytics that I have around 1500 readers each week but sometimes I feel like I'm just talking/writing to myself :( so when a post gets lots of comments that makes for a happy Leah :)

Yesterday's post showing you the getting ready and first look pictures of Diana & Jeff's wedding got lots of lovely comments here and on facebook so you know what that means?

More comments = Bonus pictures.

Yes - the ceremony and pictures at Nubble Light are still coming on Wednesday but for your viewing pleasure I thought I'd introduce the wedding party! After the first look and honeymoon announcement we took some pictures of Diana with her bridesmaids and Jeff with his groomsmen. We then had approximately 4 minutes until the party bus departed for the church so I figured 4 minutes was plenty time to attempt 18 headshots....

The guys gave me their best GQ expressions:

And Tyra would have been proud of the ladies:

And here they are altogether:

How excited are you for the ceremony tomorrow?


  1. What a handsome group. Love those individual pictures. Models one and all.
    Maybe I'll google to find some kind of software that will send anonymous comments every few minutes so we can keep you very busy for the next few days!
    Thanks Leah

  2. Awwww I love the final image but the grids are super cute, great images of everyone!!!!! I need to think about doing individual pics more often!

  3. Sitting on the plane waiting to take off for our honeymoon and we got notified that more pictures were up. They're great Leah, we love them. Thanks again!
    Your happy newlyweds Diana and Jeff

  4. I've been known to be an enabler and I just love extra blogs from you!! That sure is GQ/Cosmo material!! Gorgeous & handsome wedding party for sure!!! LOVE the color scheme in the last picture of all of them!!