Union Bluff Meeting House Wedding :: York, ME :: Diana + Jeff (Part II)

Hmm, not sure what happened to last week and my blogging-every-day plans. My parents-in-law are visiting so it's all be a bit crazy in the Haydock house :) I think last time we met I shared some pictures of Diana & Jeff's incredibly good-looking friends and family of the bridal party. Well, now it's time for their wedding at St Christopher's Catholic Church in York, ME.

Diana and her father arrived in style in a 1956 Rolls Royce Bentley. FYI I found the guys at Grace Limousine driving the Rolls and the party bus to be absolutely great. Super friendly and chilled about making a few stops for pictures:

Jeff waited at the altar with his best man Joe:

Diana walked down the aisle on the arm of her father and Jeff looked very happy to see her:

The emotion was starting to get to Al:

Father Cahill gave a beautiful service and talked about how he wished that this day was the day that Diana and Jeff would love each other the least...

Happy almost-newlyweds:

Rings were exchanged:

And by the power vested in me by the state of my blog, I now pronounce you husband and wife and you may kiss your bride:

I love the recessional. It's a chance to look around, see all of your friends and family clapping and smiling at you. I always advise couple to take as much time as they can to walk back down the aisle - everyone will wait for you ;)

Shoes don't lie:

Diana and Jeff rode in the Bentley but they hopped onto the party bus to check it out. Good times indeed:

And coming up tomorrow we'll have some BEAUTIFUL wedding pictures at Nubble Light, here's a sneak peak. This image makes me giggle:

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! How excited are you about the pictures tomorrow?

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  1. I love all the sneak peaks!! What beautiful pictures!