Newburyport + Salisbury Beach Engagement Photos :: Katie + Dan

Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny Monday and I'm just back from the gym after prolonged break due to the longest lasting cold in the world which has now thankfully left my nose. Busy week coming up on the bloggity blog starting with Katie & Dan's engagement pictures which we took in Newburyport and on Salisbury beach.

Some couples bond over a love of music, others over a shared interest in sports, for some it's a favorite movie. Katie & Dan first got to talking in English class over their mutual skin disorders :)

Bear with me here people, Dan had tried a new laundry detergent that had caused him all sorts of itchiness and Katie was stressed out with school work and had come out in hives. I'm reminded of that episode of friends where Phoebe and her date both have oven gloves taped to their hands to stop them scratching their chicken pox ;) Anyway, this initial conversation led to a great friendship. Katie and Dan would hang out together all the time and then eventually this friendship grew into something more. And now they're getting married!!! Hoorah!

We met up in Newburyport. Although I have a strict no alcohol rule at weddings, I'll break the rules at engagement shoots so Katie and I had a little glass of wine and Dan had a beer while we caught up about their plans. And then we wandered around the downtown area:

Shall we all take a moment to agree on how adorable Katie is? Katie - if the school counselor career doesn't work out I think you have a bright future as a toothpaste or shampoo model!

On your wedding day I like to be as unobtrusive as I can be but on an engagement shoot it's kind of impossible when we're out for hour with the specific objective of taking pictures. So I made Katie & Dan lie in the grass and then stood on top of them. I have the best clients ever ;)

Hot afternoon sun on the harbor:

OK - this gentleman was HILARIOUS. We're in a little alleyway chasing the light and he walks past with his ice cream and asks what's happening. We explain it's an engagement shoot and he tells us he's been married for like 50 years. I ask him what the secret is. I'm expecting a cute answer like "Don't go to bed angry" or "Put each other first" and he launches into this full on lecture for Katie and Dan about how the husband has to be in charge and people today don't have enough respect....

And Katie and Dan held hands and giggled as he lectured:

Love those blue sky days:

Then we hopped into the car and drove to Salisbury Beach for some more pictures. This one was 100% Dan's idea ;) Saving the world one picture at a time...

Fun with the 14-24 lens:

Love's Dan's expression here:

Sweet moment:

If I were to name my pictures, this one would be called "Katie & Dan Underwater" I think:

Super excited to photograph Katie & Dan's wedding at The Ridge Club in Sandwich, MA next month. Katie - you're going to be such a gorgeous bride!

One last one of course....

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  1. Leah! So much happy photography makes for a happy day! (Even though I am hard at work getting a NASA proposal ready for submission on Friday.) I love the engagement photos of both couples... especially the reflection and silhouette shots of both!!! Awesome. How did you get the "Underwater" shot of Katie and Dan? Are you allowed to reveal those type of secrets?

  2. Absolutely breath taking! I love the one of them "underwater"!