St Francis de Sales Wedding Photography :: Charlestown, MA :: Renee + Kevin (Part III)

It's been a week since we last "talked" - a quiet blog usually means a hectic real life - and it has been CRAZY! 2 more fabulous wedding photographed, 4 engagement shoots, a ballet recital and even watched the Bruins win the final payoff game at the Garden!

And in the meantime Renee and Kevin have been patiently sitting on the church steps waiting to get married. Well, no more waiting, the wedding ceremony will took place at St Francis de Sales Church in Charlestown, MA and I have pictures to prove it ;)

Kevin's adorable nieces were in charge of handing out the wedding programs and they did a fine job:

Bagpipes! At exactly 5:37pm the church doors were opened and Renee walked down the aisle with her parents on either side:

Happy Renee::

Happy Kevin:

St Francis de Sales sits on top of Bunker Hill in Charlestown and is such a beautiful church:

Sweet little moments and smiles during the vows and ring exchange:

It's always very important to ask about specific photography rules and restrictions in your church and then let your photographer know. Some churches will have me sign documents agreeing to only stand in certain ares and not to move during the ceremony. I try to be as inconspicuous as possible during the ceremony and I don't use flash as I feel it's distracting for the couple. Unfortunately the photographer at the wedding the week before Renee & Kevin's had used excessive lighting and somehow blinded the organist in the balcony and so we weren't allowed up into the balcony for any pictures :( boo - bad photographer. But Father Mahoney very kindly allowed me on the altar for the lighting of the unity candle (it's very rare indeed for the photographer to go on the altar) so I could get this picture:

And from that angle I was also able to get this picture of Kevin's parents. They were also married in St Francis de Sales AND the ceremony was conducted by Father Mahoney also so I imagine they had all sorts of memories that day:

By the power vested in me by the state of my blog I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride:

It's always a good idea to walk slowly for the recessional - take your time to look around and see all of your happy friends and family smiling and clapping - after all everyone will wait for you :)

We got back on the trolley to head back to the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel for the wedding reception and had just enough time to hop off for a couple more wedding party pictures:

And Renee thought it might be fun to ride the Boston carousel:

That's all for today! Coming up we have the wedding reception at the Renaissance Hotel on Boston Waterfront! And then I have a little glimpse at a beautiful wedding at the Four Seasons. And engagement shoots galore!

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  1. Love, love and love! Stunning as usual & that church is just breath taking!!