Boston North End and Battery Wharf Engagement Pictures :: Malinda + Danny

I've read recent reports that estimate 1 in 6 marriages start online and with the busy lives we all lead nowadays it pretty much makes sense. I know I've photographed a number of super happy weddings of couples that have met on Match, eHarmony and other popular dating sites.

Anyhoo, Malinda and Danny met online and like most sensible people they had a number of email and phone conversations before they met in person (in a safe public place!). I guess over the course of these conversations you really get to know one another and then the quandary arises - what if you meet for the first time and there's no chemistry? Well, Malinda had an idea. How about if they arranged to meet (in the busy Prudential Center in Boston) and before they could even say hello they'd kiss one another. And then they'd know.

So there they are, Malinda and Danny in the Prudential Center in Boston on a cold winter's day, they walk towards each other and kiss. And hoorah! There's something there. Something good. That inexplicable spark. That first date in the middle of a snow storm led to a great relationship and now they're getting married!

Danny and Malinda are very sweet together. Here is some evidence of that:

The day we met up in the North End to shoot their engagement photographs was crazy hot, like a gazillion degrees but the beautiful blue sky made up for it:

Malinda and Danny are getting married at Mamma Maria in the North End which coincidentally is my favorite Italian restaurant in Boston, not only is it absolutely beautiful inside but the food is awesome. You should totally go there...unless you're on a low carb diet.

We snuck inside one of the many espresso and gelato shops in the North End:

And I played paparazzo.

I'm very in the moment when I'm photographing, always looking at the light, the interaction and expressions of the couple and imaging how the final image will look. But I have absolutely no recollection of taking these two pictures. I don't believe I gave Malinda and Danny any direction, I don't even know exactly where we are. But I really like them :)

I see twinkly lights and I'm like a moth to the flame....

Do you see what I did here? Yes, I found the perfect patch of grass to match Malinda's beautiful eyes.

Dancing in the street. Listen to David Bowie people.

Oh Malinda you are going to be a stunning winter bride:

The End

I wrote the majority of this post on one computer whilst I have another one whirring away processing the final part of Arianne and Roger's wedding which will be with you shortly. Multitasking. You can't beat it. Heading into Boston now for a meeting with a super cute bride I randomly met in Tiffany & Co - how fun.

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  1. Very beautiful work. Love the colors, the twinkly lights, the looks in their eyes...