Wedding Ceremony Photographs at Hamilton Hall:: Salem, MA :: Arianne + Rogelio (Part II)

Today for your viewing pleasure I have Arianne & Roger's first look and beautiful wedding ceremony pictures at Hamilton Hall in Salem, MA.

The original plan was to do all of the pictures outside along with the ceremony in the darling little private park across from Hamilton Hall but it had rained solidly all day and so the decision to move everything inside was made. I have to give it to Pepperberry's Flowers for bringing the outside inside with the flowers (and just wait until you see the wedding reception centerpieces!)

Roger waited patiently:

It was worth the wait as he was so happy to see and hold Arianne:

You have no idea how much I love this picture:

Love how Roger's totally checking Arianne out ;)

Quiet moment:

I thought you might like to meet the wedding party:

We did a ton of family pictures and then found a little time for Roger and Arianne to head up to the balcony in Hamilton Hall to check out the set up for the ceremony:

On the way back down the stairs I noticed the gorgeous wedding cake had arrived. Arianne & Roger were a little distracted ;)

Time for a quick make up retouch and then we've got a wedding to get to people!

Beautiful programs - each with a little crystal

I mentioned yesterday that Christina from CMD Event Design was the wedding planner for this spectacular wedding and I should point out that she was also responsible for all of the beautiful wedding paper products you'll see coming up in the next post. There was SO much attention to detail and making sure that guests were comfortable - like these gorgeous wooden fans handed out:

Guests entered the great hall to find a riot of color from the beautiful flowers and teeny tiny crystals falling from the flowered arch under which Arianne and Roger would say their wedding vows:

Sometimes I'm asked if seeing each other before takes away from the emotion of the ceremony and my answer is always based on feedback from previous couples. The emotion at the wedding ceremony comes from the fact you are standing together in front of your friends and families and making a lifelong commitment to each other not because you look awesome in your dress (although you do! and then you get to enjoy cocktail hour rather than photo hour!)

Arianne walked in on the arm of her proud father Arnoldo (earlier in the day Arnoldo had pulled out some small pieces of paper from his suit jacket and I had thought perhaps they were notes for a toast but they were pictures of Arianne as a baby and little girl. I loved that he wanted to carry them with him on her wedding day)

Pastor Greg Bishop conducted the ceremony and it was absolutely wonderful. It was deeply religious yet also extremely personal and filled with joy. It was so refreshing as I've had a number of wedding ceremonies recently with all kinds of crazy restrictions on where I can stand, how I can move, when I can take pictures and whether the couple can even kiss one another. I totally respect the rules and try to be as unobtrusive as possible during the ceremony but sometimes the restrictions seem a little bananas! I highly advise asking about photography and video restrictions before you choose your ceremony venue...

Lots of smiles and little glances:

Laughter...vows...rings...and by the power vested in me by the state of my blog I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride:

Happy much? ;)

This was also probably one of the craziest recessionals - I'll show you the Maid of Honor and Bext Man, Parents and Flower Girls - the guests were all whooping, cheering and clapping - we should have more whooping!

Happy Newlyweds!

The wedding reception at Hamilton Hall is coming up shortly. You don't want to miss it! For bonus pictures and notice of blog posts you should head on over and LIKE the official Leah Haydock Photography page - that's where it's all going on!

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