Boston Engagement Photographer ::Public Gardens and Waterfront :: Katie + John

Three blog posts in one day? What's going on??!??! Let's just say there's a lot of diet pepsi with lime involved. Or maybe my new Invisalign braces are giving me super-human concentration skillz. Whatevs.

Up next for your viewing pleasure are some rather splendid pictures of Katie & John. I like to listen to music whilst I edit and today I've had Bruce Springsteen singing "I'm on fire" on repeat - I think it's working.

I met up with Katie and John at the Seaport Hotel in the Boston Waterfront area. We may have had a little cocktail to start off the evening....

We wandered over to the ICA on the waterfront and just hung out for a little bit:

Lots of lovely light. I've been in a big hair color funk after photographing so many of my amazing brides with their gorgeous blonde and red hair.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this next picture. I actually spent maybe 10 minutes going back and forth between color and black & white before settling on black and white but believe me when I say the color version is pretty awesome too:

Boston makes for a pretty backdrop:


We hopped in a taxi and headed over to the Boston Public Gardens for the last few moments of daylight. The Public Gardens are lovely but they can also be very crowded and hot. I like to challenge myself to shoot something different each time - this time I was mesmerized by the little purple pom-pom flowers:

So Katie & John. Where to start? They met at St Anselm (I'm starting to think it's the school to go to if you want to meet your soulmate) and John explained about the hockey groupies of which Katie was definitely not a member ;) which led to much laughter:

Oh Katie, you're beautiful!

I seriously had so much fun out with these two, their wedding in September is going to be all sorts of awesome...

One last one with the twinkly lights of Commonwealth Ave in the background.


  1. I can't pick a favorite you guys are adorable in them all!

  2. Leah--you are amazing. I absolutely love the pictures!! Can't wait for September :)

  3. Stunning! Love the ones in the garden! Love those purple puffs of flowers!