Four Seasons Boston Wedding + St Columbkille Church :: Amanda + Joseph

Aloha from my somewhat-vacation week in Maine. I was planning on posting this earlier this afternoon but Paul pried me away from my Mac and made me go play golf. But I'm back - a little pink from the sun, I maybe got a bogey or a birdie, and I definitely had a couple of afternoon beers ;)

Amanda and Joe have been wonderfully patient waiting to see their July wedding pictures so I have over 40 images to share with you today - all good things come to those who wait ;) Their Catholic church wedding ceremony was at St Columbkille in Brighton, MA and their wedding reception followed at the beautiful Four Seasons Boston. The wedding photographs from the Four Seasons will be up on Thursday so make sure to check back!

Anyhoo, Amanda and Joe both got ready at the Four Seasons but they chose not to see each other before the ceremony (all good as long as you allow LOTS of time before the ceremony and in between!). I'm sure you're here for the pictures so let's get started:

You don't think that would be the only shoe picture do you? Not when they're Kate Spade sandals. Stiletto heels. With peep toes. And bows. In gold glitter. Arrrrrgh - can't deal with the shoeliciousness.

You won't see it too much in this blog post but just wait until part II. Joe has the most amazing expressions of...just...wonder on his face. It's awesome. I loved his little note to "future wifey" Amanda :)

Mmmm - peony's - my favorite (Great job by Flowers and More in Walpole, MA):

As I arrived to take some hair and make up pictures Amanda had this "OMG - I'm actually getting married! This is my wedding day" kind of moment and burst out crying. Perfect timing :) but I will spare her the public tears and instead show you this one which I think is beautiful, look at those eyelashes!

If the guys are getting ready in the same location I like to pop over to see what they're up to:

I loved this little contemplative moment as her bridesmaids help with the veil! the dress! Amanda - you are beautiful!!!

So a "first look" is usually between the bride and groom but if you want to allow more time in your schedule (more time = more pictures = no more $$$ as Leah doesn't charge you an hourly rate = awesome coverage of your day) I've been doing more "parent first looks" where the bride (or it could be the groom!) take some time alone with their parents. Amanda walked down the amazing grand staircase of the Four Seasons so her parents could see her for the first time on her wedding day.

Amanda surprised her dad Tom with a hand embroidered handkerchief saying "To the man who first taught me about love, I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my dad" and then Tom surprised her right back with a beautiful antique Rolls Royce to bring them to the church:

St Columbkille's is an impressive wedding ceremony venue:

And just as impressive was the array of emotion on Amanda and Joe's faces. I strongly believe that Joe was messing with me in the middle picture below ;)

Umm - happy much?

Just wait until part II and the wedding reception photographs at the Four Seasons Boston!!! Photobooth! Skype call with Amanda's best friend serving in Afganistan :) Milkshake shots! And more!!!

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  1. Wow!!! These are so amazingly beautiful Leah. Well worth the wait and these are only a few of them! You are just the best. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  2. Breathtaking!!! Lovely, lovely,lovely....your visions are just amazing! Thank you and can't wait to see the rest.