Atkinson Resort & Country Club NH :: Wedding Photographer :: Katy + Sean (Part I)

I was planning on posting this earlier but Sunday night brought me face to face with a flying squirrel IN OUR HOUSE and after much drama including talking Paul out of letting Coco loose on the squirrel and culminating in driving the flying squirrel away from the house in a Monopoly game box at 3am in the morning I wasn't fully with it yesterday.

Anyway, enough about me and flying squirrels I'd much rather talk about Katy & Sean's wedding!!! Their Catholic church ceremony was at St Francis in Dracut and the wedding reception at Atkinson Country Club in Atkinson, NH. Katy and Sean are real high-school sweethearts and you can see some of their engagement pictures **here**

Let's start at Katy's parent's home. This is not their home. Obviously. This is a model of Katy & Sean's new home that they've just bought together. A model that Sean spent the night before the wedding working on instead of drinking shots with the guys. The house that Katy found when she woke up that morning containing a card and watch from Sean. Sean is a keeper :)

Speaking of Katy, here she is with her bridesmaids getting ready in her parent's room - gotta love wedding pictures on the wall. Maybe in twenty or thirty something years some other photographer will be taking getting ready wedding photographs and Katy & Sean's picture will be on the wall. I'm such a sap...

Actually, let me backtrack with some details. I like that Katy had church shoes and party shoes. One can never have enough shoes. Loving the flowers too!

It was time to get dressed and Katy's mom helped her with her jewelry:

A message for Sean on her shoes:

Both Sean and Katy's families were SO welcoming. Katy's mom was checking on me all morning - water? sandwich? - so kind. Katy is one of three but the only girl so I wanted to make sure I caught her parent's reactions seeing their little girl as a bride for the first time:

Off to St Francis Parish in Dracut, MA for the wedding ceremony:

Here's Sean :) On the right are Alice from Australia's hands.

I asked my second photographer Julia to stay back to catch Katy and her Dad coming up the stairs:

Sean's expressions as the doors opened to reveal Katy on the arm of her father:

Argh, look at these two looking at each other. I can't stand it. Seriously, I'm not even going to try to explain how much I like Sean & Katy because I won't do them justice. I'll just say that I got to know them both over the wedding planning process and they truly are meant to be. It's awesome.

Vows and ring exchanges are best when accompanied by giggling:

Assuming I'm not banished to the back of the church (which does happen - always make sure to discuss photography restrictions when choosing your venue!) I love long church ceremonies with a full mass. After the appropriate amount of time in silence Katy and Sean started looking at each other. Then Katy was twisting around trying to see everyone. And that's when I got this series that I shall entitle "Sean with Wedding Ring"

And by the power vested in me by the state of my blog I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride:

How ridiculously happy are these two? Just wait until we get to Atkinson Resort for the wedding reception, it get's even better - Photobooth! Candy bar! Toasts! Brandon the groomsman! Dancing! Say hello in the comments if you're feeling chatty :)

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! Leah! These are unreal, just amazing! I feel like we are right back there that day! There is so much life in each image! You put some serious time into each blog post, and your story of the day is perfect! I hope we can work together again soon. This was too much fun :)