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Hello! Happy Friday!!! Katy & Sean's wedding is up next but in the meantime I have a bunch of very patient engaged couples waiting to see their engagement pictures in Boston, Cambridge, NYC and Maine! So I think I"ll call today Engagement Day Friday and see how many blog posts I can get up...

First up is Eunis and Jeff. Eunis & Jeff are dentists. I feel like 2011 has been a year of dentists and all very lovely dentists. I've had dentist grooms, dentist bridesmaids, dentist guests, dentists fathers of grooms and brides...as I'm sure you can image I've seen a LOT of very good teeth. In fact, I was inspired to finally get Invisalign myself so I don't have to keep my mouth closed at wedding ;) Kidding. You can read about my own dentist/wedding story **here** if you want to.

Anyhoo, Jeff and Eunis first got to know each other at school but Jeff was a year ahead of Eunis. It wasn't until Eunis went out to Arizona that Jeff found himself spending a LOT of time with the new dentist group that included Eunis...Eunis & Jeff are getting married in just a few weeks (where does the time go?) and they're having their wedding reception at the Fairmont Copley in Boston and I for one can't wait. We took these engagement pictures in Casco and Portland, ME.

When Eunis & Jeff arrived, Eunis shyly admitted that she'd brought some props. I was intrigued and then excited when she pulled out these oversize red balloons:

Engagement photos on the lake, with a row boat and red balloons, what could be better?

The sun was getting pretty high and hot so one last one in Casco before we headed off to Portland to find some shade:

Quick outfit change too. How excited are you to see Eunis & Jeff's wedding in a few weeks?!?!

Once I saw Eunis giggle I kept coming up with random things to make them do to get more giggling ;)

There are some beautiful buildings in Portland, although the picture on the left is actually in the doorway of a parking garage:

It was a little windy down near the Harbor but I love these three. We are actually standing outside of Miyake on Fore Street and it is hands-down my favorite sushi place. Super toro roll is simply...super:

Eunis & Jeff - I hope you like these little previews and I'll see you soon....very soon!
If you want to head on over to the official Leah Haydock Photography page on facebook and hit "like" then you'll be able to see previews of Eunis & Jeff's wedding the day after they get married......

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  1. Leah - I've been enjoying all the wonderful pictures lately. I am absolutely loving the ones in the row boat - wedding photos and engagement shoots! How awesome to have such a lovely location as a backdrop for photographs! :)