Museum of Science Engagement Pictures :: Boston, MA :: Kathleen + Joel

Second blog post for today! Shall I try for three?
I first met Kathleen when I photographed her sister Lauren's wedding to Aladin in May 2010, I remember Kathleen saying "Oh, you're totally going to shoot my wedding to Joel" as the girls were all running around helping Lauren get dressed.

Lo and behold Kathleen is getting married to Joel at 11am on 11/11/11 in Vermont and I'm going to be their wedding photographer :) we met up in Cambridge, MA for their engagement shoot at the Museum of Science. It was raining like you wouldn't believe - full on torrential rain - but as we'd mostly be indoors we decided to go ahead.

Kathleen works with wine (doesn't that sound good?) and so it only seemed appropriate to drink some to start off the shoot:

I will use this image to try to give you the sense of how rainy it was on our mad dash from the Hotel Marlowe bar to the museum:

The Museum of Science was somewhere very special to Kathleen when she was a child and she also brought Joel there on an early date:

Fun on staircases. Kathleen and Joel met when they both worked in the same office a while ago. They bonded over a chocolate brownie and then found they had a huge amount in common:

This was my first time to the Museum of Science and I plan on coming back. New things around every corner from spaceship models to crazy shattered mirrors which made for fun pictures:

Kathleen and Joel read a lot, they have a whole room designated as the library in their home and they had some very serious conversations over the mathematics display:

Full moon:

And one last one! I'm not sure what this wall was all about but it made for a perfect silhouette backdrop:

Kathleen & Joel - I hope you enjoy these previews, lots more coming shortly with dinosaurs and moose and cosmic lights ;) Looking forward to November!

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