NYC Engagement Pictures :: Central Park, Times Square and the High Line :: Daniella + Mark

Third post of the day! I'm on fire! Blogging fire! This is an epic engagement shoot to end the week. I'm photographing Danielle & Mark's wedding at the Taj Boston next year and they live in New York City so a few weeks ago I hopped a jetblue flight from Boston to JFK and spent HOURS with them for an extended engagement shoot hence the gazillion pictures I'm about to share with you. Was that the longest sentence you've ever read? I don't have time for punctuation...

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So we're somewhere in New York, I LOVE NYC, seriously I even have one of those t-shirts but I have no clue where anything is so my commentary is going to be a bit vague. I do know that we tried to get into a locked private park and despite my best polite British act we had no luck. So we settled on these lovely steps:

I know what you're thinking. You're wondering if we're in front of an art installation for the next picture. But no, it was the window of a mobile phone store - maybe Sprint? Daniella and Mark were all kinds of awesome to photograph, especially when you get expressions like these from Daniella:

It wouldn't be a New York engagement photograph without a yellow taxi right? Gosh, I'm such a tourist ;)

Samantha, one of Daniella and Mark's friends had kindly offered her apartment up for an outfit change (loved the welcome poster! you can see it on my facebook page...) so after getting past the doorman who was yelling at the Fedex guy (did I mention I love New York?) we were back for more pictures in front of interesting store window, well actually, this was through the window:

Daniella and Mark were just friends forever. They used to hang out and play scrabble.

A dress like this deserves a little spin:

We're in Central Park now (I do know at least that much) and the light was just starting to fade...

I know what you're thinking again. You're thinking that Daniella looks very sophisticated and she can probably be found having dinner with Mark most evenings in Per Se or Le Bernadin. Umm - wrong. Mark told me all about Daniella's 25th birthday - he'd planned a special dinner out at a top restaurant and just as they were about to head out Daniella admitted she'd really just like a hot dog. So hot dogs it was. Daniella laughed and told me that each year she looks forward to getting McDonald's gift certificates from Mark's mom :)

I'm not sure whether they were laughing at the boot camp exercisers or me or each other but I love it:

This might be my favorite picture of day:

Do you see what I mean by Daniella's brilliant expressions?

We hopped into one of the yellow taxis and went up to the High Line to get some sunset city pictures. Ahhhh:

Daniella and Mark thought they'd have a go at recreating the famous Eisenstaedt image in Times Square:

Daniella & Mark, I can't begin to explain how much fun I had with the two of you! Thank you for being SO easy to photograph and for the subway ride and introducing me to that fabulous bar (I've forgotten the name now but the wine was lovely) and I can barely wait for your wedding next May!!!

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