Portsmouth, NH Engagement Pictures :: Catherine + Rob

Waaaaaaay back in April I photographed an awesome wedding (why, yes - you can see it **here** if you missed it) in York, Maine and over the course of the day found out that the sister of the groom, Catherine, would be getting married to Rob later this year.

When I checked my email the day after the wedding I was super happy to find this little note "This past weekend you photographed my brother's wedding. I saw a few the photos you posted. My fiance and I were very impressed with your work (and you were fun!). Our wedding is October 29th and I would love to talk with you"

I was officially at the limit for 2011 weddings but did you see the email!? They thought I was fun. Sometimes I am ;) So what the heck, I added one more. Plus having seen Catherine & Rob's entrance onto the dancefloor I know it's going to be a good one....

Weddings - they bring people together. In fact, it was the wedding of a mutual friend that brought Catherine and Rob together (do you see what I did there? a nice little segue, fun AND clever). So here we are in Portsmouth:

Cannot wait to photograph Catherine as a bride!!!

Night time ice cream :)

Catherine and Rob - SO excited for October!!! I don't even have to memorize a bunch of new family names as I remember all the Vachon's well!!!

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  1. Leah,
    You did it again! You brought tears to my eyes on viewing pictures of my youngest child. You did such a great job at our son's wedding, and now capturing Rob and Catherine together, that I, and the rest of the Vachons, can't wait for the wedding day to arrive. It will be a wonderful day.

  2. I'm guessing this is Dr or Mrs Vachon ;) Probably Yvette due to the tears!!! Thank you!!! I can't wait for the wedding too!!!!

  3. Wrong. It was Dr. V

  4. Yes, Leah. It was me with tears in my eyes! I just viewed all the other photos you sent to Catherine. You are an amazing photograper! I'm so happy you agreed to cover her wedding. You seem to capture Rob and Catherine's personality on film. Diana and Jeff did a fine job finding you! I still go over their pictures and yes...I still get teary! Yvette

  5. stunning! can't wait to see the pictures of this wedding next month!