Engagement Pictures in Maudslay and Salisbury :: Cathy + Brian

Part II of Jessica & Mark's wedding is coming up tomorrow but I'm sneaking in a quick preview of Cathy and Brian's recent engagement pictures as they're getting married in T minus 9 days!!!

We met up at Maudslay Park in Newburyport (I photographed a wedding here a few years ago and it's such a pretty outdoor wedding venue on the northshore)

The fall foliage has been somewhat underwhelming this year but we had lovely blue skies and puddles to play with instead:

Cathy and Brian are so much fun to be around, we chatted away happily about everything from ice cream to TV shows to misadventures when sailing and then of course, their upcoming wedding.

I like this one :) although I was FREAKED out when I was driving home to find two ticks on me. Luckily they hadn't bitten yet but ugh. I flew out of the car and made Paul comb through my hair over and over again to make sure there weren't any more :)

The only tree with any color in the whole park, love Cathy's expression looking at Brian here:

Another favorite:

We then made a stop at Salisbury Beach, actually a literal stop in the road to take advantage of this tall grass followed by a walk on the beach:

As the sun went down we took these:

Cathy and Brian's first date involved an ice cream sundae at Friendly's as Cathy had told Brian all about her happy childhood memories of going there on a Friday afternoon with her father. So we went back. Stupid Leah - I had my Invisalign braces in and hadn't brought my toothbrush so no ice cream for me :(

Cathy & Brian - thank you for (almost) taking me for ice cream! I am SO excited for your wedding which will be my penultimate wedding of 2011!

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