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So here's my quandary. I've been trying to cover each wedding in two blog posts (down from five at one point as I barely had time to eat with all the blogging) but then some of my (fabulous) couples choose to do a first look and see each other before the ceremony. It's a longer working day for me but I love it as pictures are rushed, they get to spend more time together and no one has to miss cocktail hour. But then I come to blog and there are gorgeous pictures coming out of my ears. More time for pictures = More pictures to blog.

I was planning an epic two-part blog for Lauren & Dave's awesome Kennebunkport, Maine wedding but the combination of the first look and the fact that I have to leave my house in 30 minutes for a client meeting for an Oct 2012 wedding means it'll be a three-parter. But who's complaining!

Lauren and Dave hail from Austin, TX but Lauren and her (awesome) family have been vacationing in Maine forever and Lauren said her dream has always been to get married in the stunning seaside chapel of St Ann's. So a Maine destination wedding was decided on and through the wonder of email and skype I was delighted to be chosen as their Kennebunkport wedding photographer :)

The day started with all the getting ready fun and detail pictures. Super cute Maine postcards for save the dates:

I post a few little preview pictures on my facebook page within 48 hours of each wedding (what do you mean you didn't know? Hop on over there now and hit "like"! There are all sorts of sneak peaks happening!). Anyhoo, after I posted just 5 pictures Lauren wrote "Leah, if these were the only 5 pictures you took, I'd be thrilled" and that gives you an idea of how awesome Lauren & Dave are. Super relaxed and easy to work with :)

I like the elegance of these navy and white invitations with the knot theme:

Here's Lauren! And those talented hands in the picture belong to the talented Lena of Hair That Moves (love Lena!)

Another favorite of mine! Flowers from Local Color Flowers in Kittery, Maine. Kristin can do everything from modern/elegant to simple/rustic - I love the twine wrap here:

The day was cloudy then humid then sunny. The rain held off but I was a bit worried when I saw this:

Lauren had beautiful blue silk wraps for her bridesmaids. And hello Kate Spade shoes - we'll be seeing more of you later. That's a promise.

Lauren's mom Kathleen carried this handkerchief on her own wedding day. And Kathleen's mom carried it on her wedding day. And her mom carried it before her on her wedding day in Ireland. It's so special when family heirlooms are incorporated into the wedding day:

Lauren opened her gift from Dave and then called him to say thank you:

You'd probably like to see Lauren's dress wouldn't you. Looks cute on the hanger. Looks spectacular on Lauren:

It was a super chilled atmosphere in the cottage that Lauren's parents had rented. Everyone was milling around, just happy to be there. Here's Lauren's sister Anna's boyfriend Justin - he was a hoot watching all the girls getting ready:

I had the brilliant Sarah Dugan along with me for the day and Sarah took these of the guys hanging out:

I love this picture. Not sure why. I think it looks like Lauren's about to take a little swim in her wedding dress ;)

Love the reactions of Kathleen and Bob:

It was then time to head over to St Ann's for Lauren & Dave's first look. It was CRAZY bright and sunny so we snuck up onto the porch of the rectory. I feel fairly safe in saying I think Lauren and Dave were pretty happy to see one another:

I promised you shoes and so shoes it is:

One last one for part I. How excited are you to see more of Lauren & Dave? And the beautiful bridesmaids in the navy blue jcrew dresses. And the guys looking sharp in their convertible car. And the families! And the pictures on the trolley! And the Maine seaside ceremony outdoors! And don't get me started on the reception!

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