Wedding at The Barn at Gibbet Hill, Groton, MA :: St James Church :: Katie + Donnie (Part I)

Epic post today! Go get a BIG cup of coffee! It's Katie & Donnie's Catholic church wedding ceremony at St James (Our Lady of Grace) in Groton, MA and in part II we'll have their wedding reception photographs at The Barn at Gibbet Hill also in Groton, MA. As a wedding photographer I was spoilt for choice with the beautiful venues!

September 2011 was a remarkably warm month and when I arrived at Katie's parents home to photograph the girls getting ready and the details I spotted one lone red leaf in the yard:

Katie's earrings and the gorgeous diamond and pearl bracelet that was a wedding gift from Donnie:

Wedding invitations with a monogram and sweet little bird motif:

Katie's something blue:

And whilst we're on the topic of shoes, this next image makes me chuckle. If you're wearing new shoes it's a great idea to either get grip soles fitted or scuff up the bottom with a little sandpaper. Failing both of those you can just rub your feet back and forth on the ground to get a little extra grip ;)

Natalie Lelless did her spectacular make up as always and Katie and her bridesmaids looked wonderful:

I had the super fun Mary Peacock along with me as a second shooter for the wedding and Mary went to check on the guys and took these images of the monogrammed ties:

and images of Donnie getting ready and some "risky business":
[Photo coming soon...]

Back at Katie's parent's home the veil was going on (all hair by the great Charlene Hassan):

Oops, you'd probably like to see the flowers too. Michele Bernard always comes up with something amazing:

I love love love this picture of Katie getting into her Paloma Blanca dress!

Katie's parents Bill & Jean were the perfect mix of happy/emotional seeing their daughter as a bride:

Navy and pink wedding colors on the ladies:

Here's the beautiful chapel of St James:

Shout-out to Black Tie Limousine in Haverhill who provided transportation. The Black Tie guys have been at a number of weddings I've photographed and they're super professional (helping the girls out of the cars, carrying umbrellas, fixing dress trains, holding church doors). Donnie and his groomsmen arrived at church and Ring Bearer Thomas came over to say hello:

With the opening notes of Ave Maria the wedding ceremony was underway:

Donnie waiting patiently:

Katie's nephew Thomas took his responsibilities as ring bearer incredibly seriously and came down the aisle deliberately and with great solemnity :) and maybe just a little bit of encouragement from Uncle Donnie:

Katie and her dad Bill:

Donnie sees Katie. Later I asked Donnie what he was thinking and he said "that I'm the luckiest man in the world."

It was a lovely and personal wedding ceremony especially as Katie's uncle Deacon John Pierce was the officiant:

Donnie's proud father recorded the whole wedding :)

Giggles and vows and rings and kisses:

Official newlyweds!!!!

Part II is coming soon...very soon!

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  1. I knew they'd be gorgeous from the the engagement pictures, but these are beyond stunning! The love that is coming through is amazing! Gorgeous pics!