Wollaston Golf Club Wedding Photographs :: Photobooth :: Katie + John (Part II)

A little later in the day than planned but I promised part II today and so today it is :) Katie and John got married at St Agatha's Chapel **here** and now we're at the beautiful wedding venue of Wollaston Golf Club in Milton, MA. I imagine 50 years from now Katie & John might be sitting on a porch in their own rocking chairs still smiling at each other:

I have it on good authority (John) that the golf at Wollaston is fabulous. The grounds definitely made a beautiful backdrop for wedding pictures:

And while we're talking about how great Wollaston is if you're looking for a golf club wedding venue outside of Boston, you might want to see the elegant dining room:

John and his groomsmen:

Katie and her bridesmaids:

After some couples portraits and a stop at cocktail hour on the patio and in the tent it was time to announce the newlyweds:

Straight into their first dance surrounded by friends and family:

Love this one:

Totally awesome toasts. Katie's dad David talked about taking her to school at St Anselm and hearing something like 70% of students would meet their future spouse and looking around the room at the guys! He then spoke very sincerely about what a great job John's parents had done and how he and Debbie loved the quote of "when children find true love, parents find true joy." Amazingly funny and emotional toasts by the Maid/Matron of Honor and Best Man followed with tears and laughter:

Cake cutting and parent dances were next:

John danced with his wife (again!) and then the dancefloor was well and truly opened:

A big shout out to DJ Max Baun of C-Zone music. My feet were literally tapping like crazy all night with the amazing mix of music (and Max was super professional, giving me a heads up before he made any announcements)

Katie sent me the cutest little note yesterday after part I that I'm sure she won't mind me sharing with you:
You are beyond amazing!! I absolutely LOVE the pictures!! You have no idea how exciting it is to relive the day. You made me cry!! And my mom, too! She already emailed me saying how much she loved them. I keep looking at them over and over.
THANK YOU so much!! Can't wait to see the rest :)

And to that I say that you and John are the amazing ones. Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. It was an honor to document the day and to see you both so incredibly happy. Your families were beyond welcoming (I think your Mom asked me 4 times if anyone had given me dinner yet! So sweet!) and I wish you two a lifetime of happiness!

One last picture. I love finding 10 minutes for night time pictures but the evening literally ran (or danced!) away from us so these are more midnight vs. twilight photos but I'm liking the drama:

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  1. great pix leah. really awesome work. thx for the shout out to max baun. he had a blast working with you. cheers to your continued success!