Engagement Pictures at Bentley University, Waltham, MA :: Lauren + James

I am crazy multi-tasking at the moment, uploading, downloading, editing and making 3 different appetizers for Thanksgiving tomorrow but I couldn't make Lauren and James wait any longer for their engagement pictures at Bentley University in Waltham, MA which is where they got together.

I've been doing lots of mini engagement sessions at the moment - perfect for a quick save the date image if you want to save your full session until the spring - so it was a pleasure to be able to hang out with Lauren and James for so long. It seemed only appropriate to start on the Bentley football field:

Do you adore Lauren's shoes? Maybe that's because she bought them in Paris. As in Paris, France. Where James proposed...

This was my first time on the Bentley campus and it's beautiful. It reminded me of many UK universities. Old and new buildings together:

But we're not here for a discussion on university architecture are we? We're here to see James and Lauren's engagement pictures! The building in the background was where Lauren lived whilst they were dating:

As we hung out on the steps Lauren shared her favorite joke, "What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh." I'm not so sure it translates when you write it down. I got so excited as this is exactly the kind of joke that Paul and I find hilarious. It went rapidly downhill as I tortured Lauren and James with classics such as "What do you call a fly with no wings? A walk." Luckily Lauren and James are very nice people and so they smiled kindly (this was the first and last time I will ever tell jokes at an engagement session. Promise.

Bentley University made for a pretty spectacular backdrop:

Enough of my ramblings. Let's get to the story of how Lauren and James met whilst they were both studying at Bentley. It all started with a stick of gum that Lauren offered to James. In these very seats. In this very classroom. And from the blackboard can you figure out the date that Lauren and James will get married next year?

The Bentley mascot is "Flex the falcon":

I'm sure you can imagine how hard my work is sometimes.... ;)

I'm not sure it's possible to take a bad picture of either Lauren or James. I can't tell you how excited I am for their wedding at the Taj, Boston in 2012.

I think this is my very favorite image of the afternoon.

Although these are cute too:

Oh you two. You're killing me with your happiness at being together:

Although it was a fairly balmy fall day it started to get a little chilly as we finished. James took off his jacket and slipped it around Lauren's shoulders. No prompting. Love me some gentlemanly behavior....

So that's it for today! May you enjoy much turkey and pie tomorrow :) Back on Monday with part II of Liz & Tim's wedding! Then it's Jane & Wendy's engagement pictures, Amanda & Mike's engagement pictures, Catherine & Rob's wedding, Cathy & Brian's wedding and Kathleen & Joel's wedding......and then maybe time for Christmas?

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  1. Holy gorgeousness! :)The couple, the shoes, the pictures, the backdrop! OH I can't wait for the wedding shots either! They are so cute & so in love...