Fall Engagement Pictures at the Wayside Inn, Sudbury, MA :: Jane + Wendy

Some things are just meant to be. I will expound on this throughout today's blog post. But first, meet Jane and Wendy:

Jane and Wendy are getting married in February at the Seaport Winter Garden (which is the most beautiful venue for a winter wedding in Boston). Jane was researching venues for their winter wedding when she stumbled across this blog post. Not only did this give Jane and Wendy their wedding venue but it also made Jane decide to see if I would be available to be their wedding photographer. I WAS available! And I WILL be their wedding photographer! See - meant to be :)

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself, on the day if their engagement picture shoot I met with Jane and Wendy at their home so that we could incorporate their beloved rescue doggies into the pictures:

Jane and Wendy met a while back and for the longest time they were just really good friends. They would email back and forth a lot and Wendy told me the funniest story about how she used to drink an awful lot of coffee at that time and write these crazy long epic emails to Jane:

And then there was this one night involving a lot of friends, a lot of martinis and Jane and Wendy became more than friends. See! Meant to be - again!

After some doggy playtime we decided to hop on over to the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA (where coincidentally I photographed a wedding there last year too!). We found one lone tree with some bright foliage so hung out here for a little while.

I posted the above picture on my facebook photography page (what do you mean you didn't know I had a photography page on facebook? Where have you BEEN? That's where all the previews and sneak peeks get posted. Quick!!! Click **here** and hit LIKE and then come on back for more) and Jane sent me the best email ever "Words cannot describe how much I LOVE THIS PICTURE! It is one of the most beautiful images of Wendy I've ever seen - I think I just fell in love with her all over again!"

Anyway, so I can't tell you how much fun I had on my afternoon with Jane and Wendy. They had the best stories to tell me about their relationship. There was a lot of laughing. Like a real lot. Here is Wendy barely able to stand for laughing:

Some sweet moments too:

And then more laughing. I think this might be my favorite:

Although I have a very strict no-drinking rule at weddings, engagement shoots are a little more relaxed. After we finished we went into the Wayside Inn to have a glass of wine in the cozy bar by the fireplace. Wendy went to the car to get something and Jane just talked and talked about all of the things she loves most about Wendy. Jane went to the restroom and it was so cute because Wendy then started telling me all of the things she loves most about Jane. These two are totally meant to be.

The Wayside Inn has all sorts of interesting little trails and bridges:

I can't tell you how excited I am for Jane & Wendy's wedding in February. When I first met with them, they told me all about their amazing circle of friends who have supported them over the years and how they want their wedding to be a fabulous celebration with friends and family. Somehow I don't think that will be hard with these two involved! It's going to be my first same-sex wedding and I can't wait! One last picture......

Jane & Wendy - TOO MUCH FUN - can't wait for February! Do you know Jane & Wendy? Why not say hello in the comments (click "view comments for this post", type your comment, choose name/url from the dropdown box - you can leave the URL part blank).


  1. I don't know the fabulous couple, but they sure do look like a great together! Super cute and I just LOVE Wendy's haircut! :)Can't wait to see the pictures from their wedding because the Wayside is a gorgeous venue and they have a rocking photographer that will capture these two lovebirds!

  2. Beautiful pics ladies. I'm so happy for you both. ~Julie

  3. Absolutely stunning photo's of a stunning couple! Can't wait for the wedding day photos!

  4. Gorgeous!! Can't wait till February!

  5. These are magnificent. You've truly captured their spirits and their beauty.
    Deb Barnard