Tower Hill Botanic Garden :: Wedding Photographer :: Liz + Tim (Part I)

2011 wedding season is coming to a close - what a crazy and wonderful year it's been - more on that in a few weeks. I have just 4 weddings left to blog (and lots of engagement shoots) and my first wedding of 2012 is on New Years Day so tons of good stuff coming up...

Today we're at Liz & Tim's wedding at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in Boylston, MA. I photographed a wedding at Tower Hill last year which you can see **here** so it was very nice to be back. But before we get to Tower Hill it was time for getting ready and detail pictures. Just a little peek at Liz's wedding dress:

I love the anticipation when I arrive at a wedding - there's always so much going on - hair, make up, dresses:

Ties & Boutonnieres. Usually the biggest cause of stress for the guys ;)

What? You thought the first picture of the dress was all I'd give you?

On the right is one of Liz & Tim's favors. A most delicious cookie. I can attest to the deliciousness as I ate one on my drive home. Fun fact - the picture of the cookie was taken at 11:39am according to the time stamp on my camera. I took my last picture at the wedding reception at 11:38pm. So I was eating this cookie EXACTLY 12 hours later. I am easily amused ;)

Bling bling!

How adorable is Liz?

A quiet little moment as the veil goes on:

Something that not all brides realize is that once you're in your gown, you're kind of helpless. Simple tasks like putting on your shoes become nigh on impossible. Hence it's a good idea to choose your wedding party carefully :) The very best friends will happily put their hands up inside your dress to tie in and get down on their knees to help you with your shoes:

Liz & Tim wisely chose to have a private first look. I'm sure you get tired of me talking about what a great thing this is but you know I can't help myself:
1. It's often the only time you'll get together, alone on the day when you can really talk.
2. You can't have this kind of moment at the top of the aisle because there are hundreds of people looking at you and the ceremony is about to start.
3. You spend so much time and effort and money on this one day, why limit the time together to just 5 hours after the ceremony?
4. We can take all of the wedding party and family pictures (with fresh hair and make up!) so you can all enjoy cocktail hour (and when you see the appetizers that Liz & Tim had you will understand why!) together.

I love how Liz starts out walking towards Tim a little nervous, apprehensive even. And then this smile just spread on her face:

And Tim looked up to see his almost-wife:

Happy Liz:

I had the ridiculously talented Ben of Avenna Studios along with me for the day. He got these two:

It's so fun to see a bride who adores her dress and veil. Liz went for a little twirl and this is Tim watching:

Kissing is OK because they're just an hour or so away from being married ;)

We then went for a little walk and even found some fall foliage - a rare sight in 2011:

This one is Ben's too:

Lots of relaxed yet mantel-worthy family pictures. I think Liz was impressed/shocked/bewildered all at once at my process for family pictures. Believe me, when you have maybe 20 minutes to take LOTS of formal pictures your photographer has to be fairly speedy at moving people in and out of the groupings otherwise it turns into a 2 hour event and you miss the ceremony :) Liz - I hope you weren't too traumatized!

Liz and her bridesmaids:

Tim and the groomsmen:

Fun wedding party:

Time to go and get married!

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  1. Leah,

    These photos are wonderful...thanks so much for capturing these moments for us to enjoy for a lifetime! You do an amazing job. Looking forward to part II!

    Liz's Dad