Boston College Club + Wedding at St Mary of the Assumption Church Brookline, MA :: Cathy + Brian (Part I)

Boo! Did you think I'd fallen off the face of the blogging planet? Nope, just drowning in beautiful wedding albums. And I'm actually writing this post from the comfort of my parent's home in the UK. The internet may be slow as molasses but there's bacon and chocolate galore to make up for it.

Anyway, we'll be starting this fabulous November wedding at Boston College club, heading over to St Mary of the Assumption in Brookline, MA for the wedding ceremony and then tomorrow it's a short drive to Turner Hill in Ipswich which is probably the most beautiful north shore wedding venue ever.

I'm jumping right in at Boston College Club which is where the girls got ready. BCC might just be the best kept secret in Boston (well, up until now). Not only can you stay there but they have two huge and well lit rooms PERFECT for getting ready at a fraction of the cost of some of the larger hotel suites. If all if my couples got ready here I'd be a happy photographer...

See - most beautiful room getting room ever...

I was just about to head out with Brian and his family to do some pictures in the public gardens when he decided to talk to Cathy through the doors. So so sweet. I had the ridiculously talented Ben from Avenna Studios along with me for the day so he ran to the other side of the door to get the picture of Cathy:

I work with each couple on their timeline so we can maximize the time they spend together and make sure we have enough time for the pictures they want. In order for Cathy and Brian to enjoy cocktail hour (and to make sure we had enough light before sunset) we did the majority of pictures before the ceremony (Brian and his family, Brian and the groomsmen, Cathy and her family, Cathy and the bridesmaids) so that we only had a couple of "formal" images to get afterwards and Cathy and Brian would have time together.

Ben shot this as Cathy was laced into her dress and I arrived back in time for her awesome sparkly shoes being slipped on:

Then it was back to the public garden again, who knew we'd have such awesome fall foliage in November?

Back at the College Club Brian was practicing his dance moves with a Tuscor action figure (I'll explain in part II :)

Time for the Catholic wedding ceremony at St Mary of the Assumption in Brookline, MA:

Brian was all kinds of emotional. Later on at the reception I asked him how he'd felt when he saw Cathy walking towards him in church and he burst into tears again.

Cathy on the arm of her grandfather:

You might call this is a somewhat artistic shot from the balcony, I might call it a handy way to disguise the videographer planted with a tripod in the aisle ;)

The ceremony was really lovely and the priest referred a number of times to the 7 billionth baby just being born which I was a little confused about until I saw this church newspaper:

This was probably the most emotional wedding service I have ever photographed - from tears to laughter and back:

Hoorah! Married!

And that's it for part I. You do NOT want to miss part II at Turner Hill tomorrow. Here's a sneaky peek for you:

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