Boston Engagement Pictures in the fall :: Christian Science Center + Public Gardens :: Amanda + Mike

So maybe 3 years ago, well actually just last month ;) but it feels like forever ago, I met up with Amanda and Mike in Boston to take engagement pictures on a strangely balmy Tuesday in November.

I'd previously met Amanda and her Mom to talk about the 2012 wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel but this was the first time I'd met Mike so we started off with a little drink at the Colonnade Hotel and then wandered over to the reflecting pool of the Christian Science Center. Some days the pool doesn't live up to it's name - the weather and light give you a terrible reflection - luckily this was not one of those days:

As I was taking pictures of Amanda and Mike a guy on a bicycle hovered alongside me. I thought he was waiting for me to get my picture so I thanked him and said not to worry. It turned out he was some kind of security detail for the church and taking photos is forbidden. Interesting:

Anyway, enough about overly suspicious security guards watching the church, let's talk about Amanda and Mike. They worked together in New York and over time became friends. Hellos in the elevator became drinks at Morton's with friends and then lunch out during the week. They kept it kind of quiet because you don't really want all of your work colleagues gossiping about the latest office romance:

And then one weekend morning, Amanda had gone shopping. She was stuck between two dresses and she called Mike to come and help her choose [side note - if a guy happily comes with you to pick out a dress ;) there's a good chance he likes you as more than a friend]. Mike was chivalrously carrying Amanda's purchase in a big BCBG bag when they bumped into a work colleague. Busted. By a BCBG bag.

We're going to be taking more engagement pictures in New York City which is where Mike has lived for most of his life and where Amanda and Mike work and live now. So this was a sort of "let's hare around Boston and take a bunch of pictures for the save the date card" kind of shoot. I think this store sells china and glassware but I liked the door and the light. Amanda and Mike were laughing fairly hard at this point - at me? with me? It's all good :)

You'd never guess that just a few days before these pictures there was snow on the ground in the Public Gardens:

Luckily the snow didn't kill the last fall foliage:

So we're just hanging out in the Public Gardens and Mike spots a sneaky little squirrel challenging the "keep off the lawn" rules. It turns out Mike has some mad squirrel whispering skills. Who knew?

Much giggling from Amanda:

It was getting dark and time for Mike and Amanda to drive back to New York so we snuck into the Boston Public Library for a few last pictures.

Next stop NYC and I'll tell you the proposal story when I blog those pictures - it involves subterfuge from colleagues, a European destination and some suspicious ruffians on a bridge...

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