Published :: The Knot Magazine Boston, Spring/Summer 2012

Around this time of year all of the new wedding magazines are published to be snapped up by newly engaged couples. I remember being newly engaged and being so excited to buy a bunch of these magazines. Actually I bought them all in Logan airport before a 6 hour plane ride to LA for a conference. Paul had offered to drive me to the airport and had proposed on the way :)

Depending on the magazine there can be the occasional rogue article (you do NOT need a list of 500 pictures to give your photographer, - well, unless you have an inexperienced photographer who doesn't have a clue and you want them to miss all of the real moments) but for the most part there are usually lots of helpful hints and tips, good suggestions about planning and my favorite - the real weddings - I always loved reading about how couples met and seeing how they came up with the inspiration for their wedding.

So it was a lovely surprise to be contacted by The Knot Magazine to ask if I'd submit Arianne & Roger's beautiful wedding at Hamilton Hall in Salem, MA. Umm - OK :) This wedding was planned amazingly by Christina of CMD Event Design and was visually stunning!

The Knot Magazine team were kind enough to send over PDFs of the pages - you can check them out here but why not pick up a copy of the magazine youself? Fun fact - more of my images appear in an ad for a venue on P178 (yes Kristin & Zach, that's your wedding at the Essex Room!)

If you want to see more of Arianne & Roger's wedding you can check out my full blog post **here**


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you for being such an important part of this amazing wedding. I was fantastic working with you and hope to again very soon!

  2. Wow, Leah, that's fantastic!!! Congrats!!! What an honor.

    Funny fact, I went to HS with Christina! Congrats to her as well!

  3. Oops, too many abbreviations. HS = high school! Go Reading Rockets! :)

  4. GO ROCKETS is right! Little known fact is that I found Leah because of your wedding photos! Now I can't live without her :)