2011 Review :: Engagement Pictures in the snow, spring, summer and fall

Around this time of year it's kind of fun to look back on the year in pictures so I thought I'd start with a recap of engagement pictures in 2011. Can you believe I did 28 engagement sessions? And what fun I had photographing all of the amazing couples who trust me to document their relationship in pictures.

Let's rewind back to the beginning of 2011 to start with all of the Winter engagement pictures. I love taking engagement pictures in the snow in Boston (or Maine or NH for that matter!), it can be a little chilly but if you dress warmly and we make the occasional stop for a hot chocolate or hot toddy then it's all good. A lot of my couples choose to split their engagement sessions and do a quick mini shoot in Winter which is perfect for their save the dates and wedding websites and then we meet again when it's warmer.

Top tips for winter engagement pictures: A thin layer of thermals can keep you toasty warm without adding bulk. A colorful scarf and hat can add a great pop of color against the snow. Thin gloves are good to avoid comedy Mickey Mouse hands.

Arianne & Roger's Winter Engagement Pictures in Boston Common on the ice:

Caitlin & Peter's Winter Engagement Pictures in the snow in the Back Bay:

Liz & Tim's mini Winter Engagement Session in Post Office Square:

Cathy & Brian's chilly snow pictures in Nashua, NH:

And then the snow melted away, the leaves started to come back on the trees and it was Spring.

More top tips for engagement pictures: Lay out your outfits next to one another and whilst they don't need to be matchy-matchy it's good to have them in the same/toning color palette. Leave purses, wallets, bags in the car - it's a pain to carry them around and you don't want big bulky lumps in pockets ;) Don't get super hung up on location! Frankly the best pictures happen with beautiful light and expressions and that can be in a parking lot or an alleyway sometimes.

I met up with Arianne & Roger again for engagement pictures on a Northshore beach:

We did Renee & Kevin's engagement pictures on their rooftop which has amazing views of the Boston skyline at night:

Newburyport engagement pictures with Meg & Dave including the Starbucks where they met and pictures with Dave's daughter Ada:

Where's the most popular place for engagement pictures in Boston? Can you guess? Yup - probably the Public Gardens. And they are pretty spectacular in springtime. My only word of caution is it can be REALLY busy and crowded. So if either of you are shy about snuggling and kissing in public then a more secluded park can be just as good!

And spring turns into summer and it starts to get hot!

Top tips for summer engagement pictures: Professional hair and make up (especially airbrush) will not only make you look and feel amazing but they'll last longer in hot humid conditions. Don't forget your sunscreen (tan lines never good with strapless wedding dresses!). If you're wearing cute high heels and we'll be walking around feel free to bring an old pair of flip flops for happy feet in between pictures.

Hot and sunny engagement pictures on the Northshore with Katy & Sean (I still have nightmares about the ticks we encountered in the grass):

Jessica & Mark were so easy to photograph mainly because they were just so relaxed "We'll go anywhere, no problem!" - so amazing:

Danny and Malinda's engagement pictures in the North End were all kinds of fun. They have now been married for 5 whole days:

Engagement pictures on the beach in Ogunquit, Maine for Stephanie & Mike were up next:

Boston Waterfront is another great location for engagement photos like these I took of Katy & John with the city of Boston as a backdrop:

I took engagement pictures in Newburyport and Lowell for Katie & Donnie, lots of giggles this day:

So although it's not all about location for engagement pictures, sometimes there will be somewhere with special meaning to the couple. Like Fuller Gardens in Hampton, NH which was the scene for one of Cheryl & George's first dates:

Portsmouth, NH is another fun place to photography engagement pictures, especially when it's a couple like Catherine & Rob:

Engagement shoots ALWAYS take place on weekdays. As I'm sure you can imagine weekends are just crazy with weddings and believe it or not, once in a while I like to have a little date night with Mr H! We're usually in Maine for non-wedding weekends and when Eunis's registrar schedule meant that a weekday shoot wasn't an option, Jeff & Eunis came up to Portland, ME for a crazy engagement shoot with boats, balloons and giggling:

Wine and time in the Museum of Science for Kathleen & Joel's pictures:

I then spent the best afternoon in Manhattan for NYC Engagement Pictures with Daniella & Mark:

And then just like that the nights start getting cooler and the sunsets happen earlier and fall is upon us. Usually you're spoilt for choice with fall foliage for engagement pictures in Boston, Maine and New Hampshire but I think 2011 was the worst year for foliage colors. The leaves were green, green, green, gone. Ugh.

Top tips for fall engagement pictures: If the foliage color isn't really happening, add your own pop of color when choosing your outfit. It starts to get darker much earlier and the best light is always a few hours before sunset so maybe you can sneak out of work with a *doctor* or *dentist* appointment :)

Sandy feet on Salisbury beach with Liz & Tim:

Bloody marys and general hilarity for Mallory & Matt's Kennebunkport, Maine Engagement Photos:

Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, MA is a dream for a photographer. All sorts of fun with puddle reflections and sihouettes at Cathy & Brian's fall engagement shoot:

I was back in Newburyport for Stefanie & Jason's mini engagement shoot:

Beth & Frank also met me in Newburyport for their mini shoot and I saw a few lone leaves:

After lots of little mini shoots it was fun to go to the Bentley Campus and spend a bunch of time photographing Lauren & James where they'd first met:

I'm all over couples bringing their dogs to engagement sessions (just have a dogsitter/friend to take them away after a little while!) and Jane & Wendy's engagement pictures had dogs, foliage and much laughing. What more could you want?

Giggles and squirrels featured in Amanda & Mike's engagement pictures in Boston:

And that's it!!! Did you enjoy this post? Which was your favorite picture? Shall I do a review of the 2011 weddings? Am I talking to myself again?

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  1. These are amazing. Yes to 2011 weddings! :)

  2. Leah! What fun! It was great to see these photos especially after seeing a lot of these couples all dressed up at their weddings! We had such a great time at our winter and spring shoots. You definitely worked your magic with all these photos!! :)

    And yes, please, a review of the weddings in 2011, would be lovely!! It makes my day to see your beautiful photographs!

  3. These are gorgeous! I think that squirrel in the last image is a little too close for comfort! I might have ran screaming, ha ha. Definitely do a review of the 2011 weddings. :)

  4. Wow! So tough to pick a favorite, though I am a little biased towards Eunis & Jeff or Lauren & James. I must say I'm also a sucker for anything involving cute squirrels.

    I love how these photos showcase what a great backdrop Boston makes for engagement shoots during all seasons.