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It's totally cool to walk into Barnes and Noble, pick up a wedding magazine and see my images inside! And when the 2012 edition of Seacoast Weddings hit the newstands last week it was even more cool as many of my pictures were featured throughout the magazine! In fact, so many that I'm splitting this blog post into two!

The Seacoast Weddings team are all kinds of fabulous and you can tell how much they really enjoy being part of the wedding industry. Mary Jo, the publisher and creative director, recently gave a talk to the Maine Photography Group that I'm part of where she shared some of the considerations that go into choosing images and weddings to be featured. I was especially pleased to hear that colorful and joyful moments are always in demand :)

Anyhoo, I'd highly advise running out to buy a copy before they sell out! There are tons of real weddings from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts wedding photographers, inspiring details, lots of eye candy, cute stories and helpful planners. Probably the only thing I'd (respectfully!) disagree with is the recommended 9-12 month timeline for choosing your photographer. If photography is important to you then I'd start the search as soon as you have your venue booked. My 2012 is 95% booked at this point (and I feel so sad having to tell couples that their date has been gone for months) and I already have 4 weddings booked for 2013!

So without further ado, here's the 2012 Seacoast Wedding Magazine:

Third row down, fourth image from right - there I am. And in the editor's letter about wedding trends the image of Katie & Dan's placecard by the awesome Rachel Carl was included as an example of the great wedding products and services you can find on etsy:

I was totally honored to have Erin & Jeffrey's robot-themed wedding from 2010 included as a real wedding. Many wedding magazines have submission dates in late summer/early fall and so it's nice to look back on the weddings from the previous years. Fun fact - it was at Erin & Jeffrey's wedding that I first heard Flair Bridesmaid Boutique and they subsequently provided the BEAUTIFUL purple dresses for the editorial shoot (in tomorrow's blog post).

And just a few more of my pictures...these little green ballet slippers were worn by Corey at her wedding to Isaiah back in 2009 (and they just had their first baby who I'm dying to meet!) and the silhouette image on the right belongs to Catherine & Rob who just got married in October 2011:

I'm going to blog about the editorial color shoot I was involved in tomorrow as there are a ton of extra pictures I want to share but if you want more pictures now, why not check out:

Seacoast Weddings "Moments" Gallery described as a "collection of images that each capture a unique moment in these couples' weddings" it was fun to see 4 of my images included :)
or if you're in the mood for something sweet then this Cake gallery is all kinds of awesome (and includes 9 of my cake images!)

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  1. Yay Leah! Congrats girl :) xo, Dawn

  2. Oh how cool! I am so proud of you! Also we can't wait for you to meet our baby either. Much love, Corey Isaiah and Ollie