Wedding Proposal Photographer in Boston, MA

On Sunday I had a relaxing afternoon photographing Amanda and Danny's engagement shoot - more on that in a later blog post - we finished up our shoot under the twinkly lights in Christopher Columbus park (where Danny had proposed to Amanda on a chilly December night). As I was photographing them we heard a big commotion in the background - squeals and laughing and excited speaker-phone conversations - we realized there was an actual proposal happening!!!

I had the awesome Shang Chen along with me at the end of the shoot to hold the light so we could get a night time picture - after we finished the shoot we looked at each other and I knew we were both thinking the same thing. We should TOTALLY take the newly engaged couple's picture!!! Almost everytime I meet with a couple, they'll tell me the proposal story and then pull out a blurry cell phone picture...

So we assured the unnamed couple that we weren't creepy photographers just hanging out in the hope of catching proposals and they said they would love to have their picture taken! I gave them my card, told them to email me and we wished them congratulations.

I worried for 24 hours that maybe they somehow lost my card and didn't know how to find me?!?! I had visions of calling up the news stations and running a "Is this you?" campaign to reunite them with the picture. Then I got a happy little email from Meredith & David saying "You took our picture last night!!! We can't wait to see them! Thank you so much for capturing it for us" and they kindly gave me permission to post one on my blog:

Congratulations to Meredith & David! Thank you for letting me take a quick picture just moments after the proposal! Best wishes for your long and happy future together!


  1. Having you just happen to be near by at the moment of a proposal! That couple has no idea how blessed they were, but they'll find out as soon as they start looking at your blog.

  2. gorgeous! and they were certainly lucky to have you by chance! now they just have to look at your work to have to book you!!

  3. Awwwwwwww .... We love to read stories like this and see and share the photos. May we put the photo of this couple and one of your other couple on our Face Book page? We never use names.
    Many thanks.
    Meredith Piscitelli
    Friends of Christopher Columbus Park