Engagement Pictures at Harvard Business School :: Jessica + Jeremiah

Jessica and Jeremiah suggested Harvard Business School where Jeremiah is currently studying for his MBA as the setting for their engagement pictures. As I waited for them to arrive in "The Grille" at the Spangler Center I wasn't sure what we'd find as we walked around campus...after we finished the shoot I was in love. Henceforth I will only be shooting engagement pictures at Harvard. Kidding. Seriously, it's absolutely beautiful - amazingl architecture, stunning grounds and we totally lucked out with the weather which was one of those balmy spring days with gorgeous light. Anyhoo, let's get to the pictures, I'm assuming that's why you're here :)

Anytime I see a rain puddle it's an opportunity to play around with reflections

Jessica and Jeremiah met on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota campus. Jeremiah's roommate Tom, who grew up near Jessica in Orono, introduced them. The initial friendship finally culminated in a date. Jessica joked that Jeremiah had rented out the whole restaurant. Jeremiah laughed and explained they just happened to be the only ones there!

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away before I was a full time professional photographer I worked in the corporate world. In marketing at a medical device company. For months I worked on a fairly complex M&A project that had me pretty much locked up in a hidden office (due to the sensitive nature of the potential acquisition). Looking back it was really interesting but hellish long hours, deadline after deadline and far too much take-out Chillis food at 9pm - I much prefer photography!  Jeremiah was actually working at the same company and we worked together briefly on this project. So it was lovely to get an email from him last year which excitedly explained how he'd proposed to Jessica in Puerto Rico and how they were busily planning their wedding at Old South Church and the Harvard Club. And even more lovely when I finally got to meet Jessica and they decided to hire me as their wedding photographer.

A shout out to the fabulous Dani Wagener who did Jessica's awesome makeup for the shoot. Dani is a master of the natural yet polished look and she's super calm and lovely to have around on your wedding day.

After a long winter with no snow and a drizzly kind of spring I'm so happy to see green on the ground and blossoms on the tree. I don't think Jessica and Jeremiah care - they only have eyes for each other :) 

In fact, everytime I'd ask them a question about how they got together, the proposal etc these two were easily distracted :O
Jessica sent me a link to their wedding website after the shoot saying "We however, were too busy kissing and snuggling to give you the answers you were likely looking for :)" Believe me, nothing makes me happier or makes for awesome pictures than a couple totally into each other.

Sun flare, not my usual thing but I kind of like this one. Thoughts on a postcard please...

This shot in the library was a request from Jessica. It would seem that most evenings Jeremiah is studying with his nose in a book. And most evenings Jessica is trying to peek over said book and distract him.

A quick outfit change (handy tip - keep your outfits hanging up in the car which ideally will be close by, they won't get wrinkled and we don't have to haul around a bag with us. You can also just do a quick change of top for a different look). The light was fading fast but we found a nice little patch of grass to hang out on. 

Jeremiah carefully plucked a little daffodil to present to Jessica. And then Jessica decided to goof off and put it behind Jeremiah's ear. Jeremiah - don't hate me for this one - it's just too cute a picture not to share. There is a lot of laughing between Jessica and Jeremiah which is a good thing :) 

We walked down to the river where some careful timing enabled us to avoid getting the cars that were whizzing past in the pictures.

I'll leave you with one last picture of the lovebirds. Jessica and Jeremiah sitting in a tree standing under an arch K.I.S.S.I.N.G

How excited are you for their May wedding at Old South Church (where Jeremiah's father will actually marrying them) and the Harvard Club. Make sure you click **here** and hit LIKE on my official facebook photography page as I always post a sneeky peek the day after the wedding... Jessica & Jeremiah - thanks for being SO incredibly easy to photograph and for introducing me to the HBS campus. It felt a little like being on an English university campus for the afternoon. I hope you like your preview pictures, lots more to come!

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