North Shore Beach Engagement Pictures :: Stacy + John

Stacy was a bridesmaid at Stephanie & Tim's wedding in 2010 and when John asked her to marry him, she emailed me as soon as they had their venue booked to check on my availability. I usually meet with all of my couples but it was August 2011 and I was in Maine/vacation and so we chatted on the phone and Stacy was like "Right, I just want to book you. What do I need to do?" which was just awesome :)

Once everything was confirmed I got this email which made my heart melt, "Leah! Oh my gosh! I am so excited! I cannot wait, I know every bride is excited, but I love John so much, and I cannot wait to be his wife and have a big party!" at their engagement shoot I was so excited to see Stacy again and to meet John!

And where to start, well, frosty beverages seemed like a good idea, so we met up in Newburyport for a glass of wine. And I was reminded how awesome my "job" is. I get to meet the most interesting couples and they let me inside of their lives and I get to document it all. After lots of chatting, a sneak peek of Stacy's dress on her iPAD (gorgeous!!!) we drove a few miles to Salisbury Beach State Reservation to take some engagement photographs:

Stacy and John both work in the restaurant industry and the fact they actually met was the perfect storm of relocations, restaurant closings, temporary transfers and new staff trainings ...Stacy and John saw each other for the first time...and then Stacy told John he should be wearing solid black pants, no pinstripes allowed. OK, so things didn't get off to the most romantic of starts, and over the next few months Stacy and John rarely had shifts together :(

Then John was offered a bar manager opportunity at a bar in Boston and announced he would be leaving. Stacy said she had a sudden realization, "Oh, John's leaving, what if I never see him again?!" and suggested a night out. Stacy may have had a few frosty beverages that night and John was the perfect gentleman, saw her back safely and left. That evening swiftly led to another date and then, in Stacy's words "I pretty much showed up at his house with my stuff and a toothbrush and we've been together ever since."

I found a nice shady spot and snuck off behind a fence:

Having spent a few hours with Stacy and John, it's so easy to see how good they are together. They have all sorts of interests in common, they're very considerate and affectionate with each other and you can see how much they enjoy being together. They told me about how they went to Vegas recently, John was planning on playing some poker and Stacy sitting out by the pool but they ended up just spending all their time together instead.

And as if I wasn't excited enough already to be photographing their wedding this fall, Stacy then told me about her Nan who she's extremely close to as the eldest grandchild (me too!) and how she can't wait for her Nan to be at her wedding (me too! I was so excited for my Nan to be there when I married Paul) and how her Nan makes the BEST red sauce in the world, so good that she can't eat red sauce in any restaurant ever and how her Nan's lasagne is legendary (me too! well, my Nan is English so I'm not sure she's ever made red sauce but she makes the best scouse, a type of stew, ever). Stacy's Nan - if you're reading this - I can't wait to meet you!!! And my Nan - if you're reading this - I can't wait to see you next week :)

One last picture:

Stacy & John - can't wait for September!!! I hope you enjoy these preview pictures, lots more to follow :)

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