Should we do a first look? Couples talk about their experience

It's video week on the blog! I invited previous Leah Haydock Photography couples to be interviewed about a bunch of different topics that might be helpful for future couples. Yesterday they talked about their favorite pictures, click **here** if you missed it. Today they'll be talking about the first look.

Earlier this year I did a blog post covering the many reasons why a first look is an awesome thing to do at your wedding - you get alone time, we can do all of the formal pictures early when hair and make up is fresh, you get to enjoy cocktail hour with your closest friends and family. Click **here** for that blog post, at the end are some comments from couples who did a first look and the overwhelming feeling was that they were so happy they chose to see each other and this came out in the video too.

I work closely with my couples on their photography timeline and one of the things I've been suggesting over the last year is the concept of a first look with parents. Mom and Dad leave the room for just a few minutes as the dress goes on, the veil is clipped into place and then they come back in to get the full effect. It can be very special to have that time with your parents. Remember - we just need to plan a little extra time on the day to do this!

Major props to Long Haul Films for the phenomenal interviews and video production. And super duper thanks to my totally brilliant couples for sharing their experiences.

And if you haven't "liked" the Leah Haydock Photography facebook page, you've missed seeing the sneak peak of the video of couples talking about having their engagement pictures taken....

Check back TOMORROW around 10am for the NEXT video. We've still got three more videos to come!
- Leah - more than a wedding photographer
- Wedding Albums
- Why we chose Leah as our wedding photographer

Are you enjoying these little videos? Are they helpful? Do you want a break with some pictures tomorrow? Let me know in the comments below (click on comments, choose url/name (you can leave the url bit blank and just put your name) and then let me know what you're thinking....)

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  1. Oh my gosh... this is fantastic! Love that last part as the ender...