Newburyport Baby Photographer :: Meet William

Sometimes I'm so on it with the blogging schedule, I imagine if you're a regular blog reader it's nice to come here and find new content. And then sometimes I'm running all over the place at weddings and engagement shoots and photographer meetings and it gets a little quiet over here. Well, you'll be pleased to know that you should come back every day this week as I have a whole week of fun posts.

First up is a mini family shoot. Tomorrow we'll have a mini engagement shoot in the rain. Wednesday will be the start of Aubrey & Mike's epic two-ceremony wedding. Not to mention I have engagement shoots scheduled every day this week (ummm - rain, if you could just stay away until next week that would be awesome)... Let's get to it! Remember Kristin &  Zach? They were married in 2012 on a beautifully sunny day at the Rose Garden in Lynch Park (if you happen to have a copy of the current Boston Weddings magazine you might think that Kristin looks familiar, that's because the Essex Room used a picture I took of her for their advertisement ;)

Their daughter Autumn stole the show as one of the world's cutest flower girls ever. All the excitement of the wedding got to be too much and she slept for at least half of the reception!

Here's Autumn now just a few days before her fifth birthday:

Autumn is now a big sister as Kristin and Zach just had a beautiful baby boy named William! When I arrived for their mini newborn shoot in Newburyport Zach was hard at work installing new doors on their house so I took some pictures with Kristin and William:

It's hard work being a baby photographer when the baby is this cute :)

Autumn did a great job of holding William (Kristin was just out of the shot poised for a catch!):

One more of the handsome little man:

And a final picture of the newly extended family. Congratulations!!!

I offer these mini newborn sessions to all Leah Haydock Photography wedding clients and I also love doing "Day in the life" sessions. They're not your average family photography and the use of the word "cheese" is banned. We figure out an awesome activity that you'd usually do as a family - spending the morning at a Maine beach, having a picnic in a Northshore park, hanging out at home baking cookies and snuggling on the sofa - and then I document it for you. Email me if you'd like more information or to schedule your own "Day in the life" shoot.


  1. Thank you Leah for capturing these memories for us : )

  2. Again you rewards us with wonderful are amazing Miss Leah!!! Thank YOU

  3. Such a precious baby, and absolutely gorgeous images!