Charlestown and Navy Yard Engagement Pictures :: Mallory + Matt

I last photographed Mallory and Matt last year, we met up in Kennebunkport to do a speedy little mini shoot so they'd have a picture for their save the date card. If you missed it and you want to find out how the high school sweethearts got together you should click **here**

This time we're in Charlestown as it's where these two live and Navy Yard as that's where Matt proposed :)

So pretty.....

I'm not normally one for a ton of sun flare but I thought this was a happy little accident:

Matt and Mallory are seriously hysterical together. I had so much fun I almost forgot to take pictures:

We "borrowed" a fire truck ;)

Sometimes couples ask if they can bring a change of outfits to an engagement shoot to which I say - why not! In terms of logistics, you don't really want to waste time going home to change so I usually recommend you leave them hanging in your car (so they don't wrinkle and so you don't have to drag a big bag of clothes around). You can then either change in the car ;) or if we're in the city and you tip well you can sometimes get the concierge to hold your garment bag for an hour. Whilst Mallory and Matt did a quick change in the car I photographed a squirrel:

We then walked over to Navy Pier:

Matt proposed on the pier. Mallory said yes. Phew, or else I'd have never met them...

Those of you who know me/read regularly will know of my obsession with twinkly lights and nighttime pictures so we took a frosty beverage break and waited for it to get dark. I forget the name of the bar but it was great :)

Look at these two getting all hot and steamy: Mallory and Matt, I'm so excited for your September wedding at Popponesset Inn that I can barely get through the next two months...


  1. OMG what a gorgeous couple, so much in love always have been, got all teary eyed looking at them...
    love you both
    Leah your pictures are amazing!!

  2. Leah I especially love your nighttime shots! So romantic! :)

  3. Aww, Mrs Quinn! Thank you for your kind comments :) They ARE so in love, it's easy to see and it makes my job 479% easier!

    Thank you Jenny!

  4. Love, Love the pictures, Mallory looks so beautiful and Matt looks pretty cute too!!!! Love you both!!!!