Harvard Club Boston Wedding Pictures :: Jessica + Jeremiah ( Part III)

Buon Giorno! Which means Good Day in Italian. I speak in Italian as this is where Jessica and Jeremiah are honeymooning right now (as part of their '80 days around the World" trip - jealous much?)

I left you in suspense as we arrived at the Harvard Club Boston for the wedding reception after a leisurely walk down Comm Ave. As a wedding photographer the Harvard Club is AMAZING (stunning ballroom in a perfect location, fantastic team - hello Jennifer!) and also a little challenging (wood-panelled walls, super high ceilings i.e. your photographer needs to know their off-camera flash action/be able to shoot in very low light!)

 I know you're sitting there thinking "Enough of the technical camera speak! Pictures!!! Where are the pictures Leah?" Fine. Perhaps you're not familiar with the amazing Harvard Club of Boston as a wedding venue. It's all kinds of historic and beautiful.

Jessica and Jeremiah in the window of the Harvard Club. K.I.S.S.I.N.G

The new Mr and Mrs Keehn were announced; this was my shot:

I had the awesome Jennifer of Aphrodite Weddings shooting with me and she got the reverse angle. Love!

My favorite first dances are where the couple are in their own little bubble:)


Friends and family enjoyed piano music throughout dinner.

So you know how I love the excuse to waffle on about a random wedding topic? Today's topic is vendor meals. The Harvard Club gets it. They were fabulous. I ate dinner at the same time as the guests. If you're not a wedding photographer this will probably seem logical to you. But for some reason it's a rare occurrence.

In case you're interested here's how the conversation usually happens (again - I stress - not at the Harvard Club!)
Leah: So [couples names] mentioned they have me down for a vendor meal, it would be really helpful if I could get it now when everyone else is eating. People don't look good eating/with their mouths full  so there's nothing for me to photograph right now plus there'll be so many things happening after dinner that I need to be ready to photograph them [not to mention I've usually been working for 6-10 hours straight at this point] 
Caterer/Venue: You will eat after all of the guests have finished
Leah: I totally get that the guests are your priority. If I could just grab a quick plate of chicken or whatever, I don't need salad or anything else, I'll be done in 5 minutes and then I'll be ready to photograph the couple for their nighttime shots, cake cutting, parent dances etc.
Caterer/Venue: You will eat after all of the guests are finished.
Leah: That's going to make it really unlikely for me to eat. Maybe you should just refund the couple the money they've paid for my vendor meal...
[30-45 minutes goes by]
Caterer/Venue: OK you can eat now
Leah: Thanks. Oh look at that! They're wheeling the cake out for cutting and the DJ is signaling for parent dances. You can just take my plate...

It was therefore a dream working at the Harvard Club. I ate a tasty dinner in a leisurely ten minutes and was able to take Jessica and Jeremiah out for nighttime pictures without cutting into their dancing time.


We were back for Jessica's dance with her Dad:

You're never too old to get advice from your Grandmother:

Group shot of ~100 people after dinner? No problem. I'm on it. Thanks to Mike from Party Makers for making the announcement:

The dancefloor was officially opened and put to very good use:

I think this was some kind of Dirty Dancing lift move ;) Love it!

They danced the night away: I used to work with Jeremiah a million years ago in my past corporate life and I was so happy when he and Jessica got in touch with me to photograph their Harvard Club wedding. I can honestly say that I don't think it would have been possible for Jessica and Jeremiah to have bigger smiles on their faces throughout the day. It was an honor to document the whole day, their friends and families couldn't have been more welcoming, such a pleasure! Oh and in case you want more info, here's the vendor list for the fabulous event:
Wedding Ceremony: Gordon Chapel, Old South Church, Boston, MA
Wedding Reception: Harvard Club Boston (massive thanks to Jennifer and her team for being so amazing to work with)
Wedding Photographer: Leah Haydock Photography
Jessica's Wedding Dress: Priscilla of Boston - sadly closed :(
Alterations: Seams Couture
Groom/Groomsmen Clothing: Vera Wang
Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew
Wedding Stationery: Gartner Studio
Flowers: Waltham Florists
Make up: Dani Wagener (fabulous as ever - seriously flawless airbrush magic skills)
Hair: Milcia Salon
DJ: Mike from Party Makers

One last picture:

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