A mini engagement session in Newburyport on a very rainy day :: Jessica + Scott

Am I the only one who's sick of this indecisive weather right now? One minute it's 80 degrees and sunny and then we're back to 60 and cloudy. And the rain! Oh the rain! It's never ending. I feel like May was one giant rescheduling exercise...but not to worry...it just means the rest of the summer will be dry!

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Jessica and Scott in Newburyport for some engagement pictures. The weather forecast had a 30% chance of rain but wouldn't you know it? Just as we started to shoot a relentless drizzle started up. I took just a few pictures and we're planning our next session (although it looks like it'll rain again....ugh) but I thought you might like to see just a couple of my favorites.

I could tell you the story of how Jessica and Scott first met (let's just say it involves a nightclub and pizza) but I think I'll save that for their main engagement shoot post so right now you can just swoon over Jessica's yellow diamond engagement ring. Of course, working at Tiffany & Co. you would expect nothing less....

Despite the rain there was much giggling and laughing:

I'm not one of those photographer who posts stuff like "Rawr!" about images but I'm kind of at a loss for words on this one. If these two manage to look this hot on a cold drizzly rainy day imagine what'll happen when we have decent weather?

I think around this point we even gave up on the umbrellas:

This is probably my favorite :)

Thank you both for being so willing to try to make it work in the rain. Think of these few pictures as a little amuse bouche, to be followed by your main engagement session and then I personally cannot WAIT for your wedding at the Boston Public Library this fall :)
See you soon!


  1. I agree on the rawr comment. VERY beautiful couple. :-D Nicely done! -Desiree Crossley

  2. She is going to be the most beautiful bride! And the BPL is the most spectacular venue!!!! Love catching up on your blog Leah!!!
    Sarah J.

  3. Paul & Debra JohnsonJune 3, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    Your pictures look great!!!! Thanks for sending them again... Love, Mom and Dad