Boston North End Engagement Pictures :: Julie + Jonathan

I always like to learn new things. Out with Julie and Jonathan for their North End engagement pictures I learned:
1)North End locals always walk in the street
2)The only pizza to eat is Pizzeria Regina
3)Julie and Jonathan make an awesome couple :)
Here's an example of the walking in the street:

But I'm getting ahead of myself! I met Julie and Jonathan for a martini in The Bar of Taj Boston where they often like to hang out and people watch. We walked over to the Boston Public Gardens to start their engagement shoot. I'm loving the pop of Julie's yellow skirt against the green :) 

Let's backtrack to 2007 when Julie and Jonathan first met in Newport through mutual friends. After a slightly bizarre initial conversation about Jonathan's crab-pattern swim shorts, the day improved with much chatting, laughing and pizza. Over the course of the next two years their paths would cross again and again and late night pizza became a recurrent theme.

Remember MySpace? Well these two started chatting on MySpace and then facebook and texting and as they continued to bump into one another at various Christmas and birthday parties they both felt a little spark:

Fast forward to February 2009 and over a late night dinner at Bricco (after yet another birthday party) Julie and Jonathan planned their perfect honeymoon in Italy. It's good to have a plan right?

Jonathan finally made his move :) He asked Julie to join him for dinner on a snowy Sunday evening at Lucca. Julie was wearing her rain boots but loved that Jonathan arrived to pick her up looking as smart as usual. Jonathan knew Julie was "the one" when she asked for Chianti and let him order a ton of yummy Italian food which she then helped him to eat. Julie ate the spicy mussels even though she doesn't like hot food (oh, the things we do for love!).

Julie had mentioned making a stop at Lucca for pictures and I loved that they ordered a bottle of Chianti again :)

After a quick outfit change it was time for a bite of the famous Regina pizza:

J+J just effortlessly styling here:

The proposal happened back in Newport where it all started. After a perfect weekend of dinners and family and wine festivals and walks and ice cream Jonathan got down on one knee and asked Julie to marry him. Yay!

Julie and Jonathan's wedding is coming up this fall at Turner Hill (one of my favorite New England wedding venues) and I can't wait! We finished our shoot with one almost-night time picture and then Julie and Jonathan returned to Lucca and I drove home thinking about the bread basket :)

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  1. gorgeous...what is mySpace? just kidding...beautiful work leah!