Glen Magna Farms Wedding Photographer :: Danvers, MA :: Helen + Matt (Part III)

I was planning to have this post be all about the beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony AND reception at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, MA but who am I kidding? There are just TOO many wedding pictures to share so I'm going to include the ceremony in this post and then I'll be back with reception pictures in the final post.

If you missed getting ready and the first look then you can catch up **here**, right now I'm about to spoil you with LOTS of wedding party pictures. The breathtaking flowers were from Flower Kiosk in Portsmouth, NH, Helen's dress was Alvina Valenta purchased from Madeleine's Daughter (one of the very best choices for wedding dress shopping in New England, they have a HUGE selection and everyone is super nice there), the bridesmaids got to pick out their soft pink dresses from Nordstrom and Matt and the guys were dressed in J.Crew.

One last picture of the almost-newlyweds and then it's time for the wedding ceremony!!! One quick note - this particular Saturday in July was one of the most humid/hot days ever when you feel like you're melting into your shoes and look how flawless everyone looks! Thanks to the airbrush magic of Joanne from Joya Beauty!

How amazing is Glen Magna Farms for an outdoor wedding ceremony venue? Situated in Danvers, MA on the Northshore, not far from Boston, Glen Magna Farms is the very best wedding location in my humble opinion. The grounds are stunning, the tent is beautiful, the mansion is awesome and the whole team were amazing to work with. You should totally go visit if you're looking for a wedding venue...

I totally don't mind if your guests take pictures at your wedding ceremony but I do like couples to make an informed decision about the likelihood of cell phones in the aisle etc - you can read more about this **here**. Helen and Matt really wanted their guests to witness their ceremony in person and not through the lens of a camera or phone, I thought they worded this beautifully:

I had the super awesome Audrey with me (Audrey is my office manager/best person you could wish to have on your team) specifically to operate the photobooth and the fabulous Lindsay Flanagan along as my second shooter. I always want to be as inconspicuous as possible at each wedding and so rather than have 3 visible photographers during the ceremony Audrey stayed at the very back of the gardens which meant she got the great moment on the left below of Helen and her proud Mom about to walk down the aisle.

Lindsay got this great shot of Matt looking overjoyed to see Helen walk towards him

This one is Audrey again and I love the depth in the image

Helen's bridesmaid Josefine sang an amazing solo of "There is love"

Matt's father conducted the wedding ceremony; it was so personal, full of funny stories and heartfelt words for his son and new daughter-in-law including the classic phrase of "You may now kiss your bride!" How ridiculously happy are Helen and Matt? So happy that Helen forgot her flowers and they couldn't take their eyes off one another And with that, I must leave you until the wedding reception pictures. Just wait until you see the lovebird theme, the most beautifully decorated tent (hello giant trees hiding the tent poles) and lots more sweet moments between Helen and Matt...

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