Boston Waterfront Engagement Pictures :: Christine + Alex

What?!?!?!? Two posts in one day? What is the world coming to? I can't keep the pictures of Christine & Alex from you any longer. So here we are in the Boston Waterfront area for a little mini engagement session (with the main engagement session to follow next year!)

Humor me for a moment as I share with you how they came to hire me as their wedding photographer, it's particularly relevant right now as inquiries for 2013 weddings are coming in thick and fast. In order for me to hold a date for a couple I require a signed contract and a retainer check, I wrote about the whole process **here**. So, I had two email inquiries for the same June date, after confirming that I still had the date open and sending over more information both couples wanted to meet with me.

I had a great meeting with Couple #1, they had meetings scheduled with other photographers and wanted time to think things over (in the interests of full disclosure I mentioned I had a meeting with another couple for their date coming up). I then met with Couple #2 and had another really great meeting (again in the interests of full disclosure I mentioned I'd met with another couple but hadn't heard back from them yet).

I got home from the second meeting to find an email from Couple #2 saying they wanted to move ahead asap and could I send over a contract immediately. They signed it and popped it in the mail with their retainer check (they even took a picture as proof it was going in the mail that afternoon!). Literally 12 hours later I got an email from Couple #1 saying they would like to move forward. I had to let them know that their date was no longer available :( this probably happens 3 or 4 times each year and always makes me sad.

I guess the moral of the story is if you're looking for a wedding photographer and you're meeting with multiple photographers, try to schedule your meetings close together. Things will be fresh in your mind and there will be less chance of you losing your date!

As you may have guessed, Couple #2 were Christine & Alex and I couldn't be happier to be photographing their wedding at Wequassett Inn next summer!

You know how it is when you start a new job? You have the whole "What will my co-workers be like? Will anyone ask me to sit with them at lunch?" well, these were the kind of things Christine was thinking about on her first day at a new job. As luck would have it she shared a manager with Alex. Said manager was big on having good team dynamics so he suggested that Alex stop by and say hi to his new co-worker. Alex did just that and look how it all worked out!

Christine and Alex were friends for the longest time, grabbing lunch together and then going for the occasional drink after work. As you can see in the pictures below, these two laugh a lot:

Christine & Alex both realized that it was becoming something more than friendship but it was a little awkward working they kept it quiet for a while ;)

I could tell you about Alex's rather awesome proposal story involving a bench, a rainy day and lots of family subterfuge but I think I'll save that for when I blog the images from their next session ;) We met for a frosty beverage and then pootled around the waterfront area which I believe is now officially called the Innovation District - fancy!

How cute are these two?

Killer sunset. Killer legs ;)
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it from me for now. Unless I continue on this CRAZY blogging streak and try to get one more post up today....

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