Sandy Island NH Engagement Pictures :: Laura + Mike

Sandy Island is a beautifully rustic camp established over 100 years ago on 66 wooded acres surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. The only way to get there is by boat:

It's the kind of place that families go to vacation for years and years, generation after generation. Laura and her family have been vacationing there since she was a child.
Mike and his family have been vacationing there since he was a child.
Yet their vacation weeks were different and so Mike and Laura never met one another...

...and then there was the summer that Laura and Mike worked at the camp....and everything changed :) 

There was a mixer/get-to-know-each-other kind of event. Mike and Laura met for the first time. They even remember what each other was wearing and Laura says a couple of her friends predicted something would happen between them. I bet those friends wish they'd put money on their prediction!

New Hampshire or Hawaii?

It's been 8 years since that summer of working together. 8 years of dating whilst at different high schools, surviving a brief break up, getting back together and going to prom, dating through school, all kinds of long distance and traveling. Mike put together a photo book of those 8 years together and asked Laura to marry him. Laura said yes!

Laura is all kinds of awesome. She first contacted me in November last year to say how much she enjoyed reading my blog. Mike was roommates with one of my 2012 grooms Mark and after I'd posted his engagement pictures with Daniella, Laura just kept on reading. Laura then sent me another email to let me know that when Daniella and Mark called to say congratulations on their engagement Daniella's first comment was "Did you book Leah yet?" Yay!

Blue skies, blue water, what's not to love?

We were surrounded by a bunch of eight year old girls for this picture who wanted to know why we were taking pictures. When Laura told them they'd be getting married at Sandy Island they all squealed "Eeeeeeee! Tonight? Can we come?"

Sometimes I'm so busy thinking about the image that my brain filter doesn't work correctly. As I took this picture I was thinking "Doesn't Laura have elegant fingers?" and out of my mouth came "Laura! You have wonderful non-sausage hands!" Go Leah...

Mike's family were all there for their annual vacation and they came to see us off so I grabbed a quick snapshot. I can't wait for the family pictures and to meet Laura's family next fall!
One last picture and then I'm off to meet with a 2013 bride and drop off some submissions to Seacoast Wedding! More tomorrow! Say hello in the comments :) And if you feel the urge to hop on over to my facebook page and hit "LIKE" then you might just be the recipient of your very own photoshoot...


  1. These are amazing! Congratulations Laura and Mike! So happy for the two of you and can't wait until the wedding! xoxo -Love Katie Bell
    P.S. I'm so excited to see how beautiful the wedding pictures are going to be (:

  2. What a lovely couple! I love the color and shots of these photos! great job!