Boston Engagement Pictures in the Public Garden :: Lea + Aidan

2 blog posts in one day? Whatever is the world coming to?

I have 4 more weddings in the editing room coming to you next but I thought I'd sneak in Lea & Aidan's Boston engagement picture session:

When is the best time for fall engagement pictures? It was this day. It was one of those ridiculously perfect autumn days - the kind that makes you glad to live in New England.

We wandered around the public gardens:

Lea and Aidan arrived with arms full of props from balloons, to hand painted signs, to umbrellas:

I couldn't hear the conversation as these two cuddled up underneath the willow trees but it looks fairly hilarious:

We were just about finished with the balloons when this happened:

After Aidan valiently saved Lea from floating away over Boston there was much laughter. Actually Lea and Aidan spent most of our session laughing, it was really awesome to see how much fun they have together.

And you probably want to know how these two met right? Lea was out in Boston with friends. Aidan was out in Boston with friends. Aidan said he saw Lea from across the room and couldn't take his eyes off her.

Aidan didn't want to be the random stranger chatting up women in a bar so he asked his buddy's girlfriend to go over and strike up a conversation to pave the way for Aidan to make his introductions. As luck would have it, some of Lea's guy friends actually knew Aidan and told her he was an OK guy :)

Lea and Aidan spent the whole night chatting. Aidan said his bar tab was getting higher and higher but it was worth every penny. Lea was telling Aidan all about her busy schedule but Aidan spotted a gap on Wednesday evening and convinced Lea to go on a date with him. The rest is history and these two will be getting married next year at the Boston Harbor Hotel (one of my very very very favorite wedding venues to photograph in Boston)

Look at these two Hotty McHotsters. I just made that up. It sounds better with a British accent I think?

If the weather complies next October, this is where Lea & Aidan will enjoy cocktail hour with their friends and family with the view of Boston Harbor:

We decided to wait it out for nightfall grabbing a glass of wine until it was dark enough to see the night skyline of Boston. Fun story - you know how you have those facebook friends that you've never actually met? They're like friends of friends but you feel like you kind of know them. After their initial meeting in that bar, Lea and Aidan discovered they were already facebook friends. Aidan admits to having seen Lea on one of his friend's fb feeds and friending her :)

Lea & Aidan - I hope you like these sneak peeks! Lots more to come! I'm super excited for your fall wedding next year :) Thanks for being so fabulous to photograph :)

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