Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Alicia + Bill

It's entirely normal to be a little nervous before an engagement session.
What should we wear?
What are we going to do?
Is it going to be awkward?
How am I going to look in the pictures?
Well, little Bam Bam was so nervous about the camera that he may have gotten a little sick on the drive over to Newburyport. Poor Bam Bam. Luckily he has a good constitution and recovered quickly.  For the record, turquoise is an excellent color for all skin/hair/fur tones.

For the rest of the shoot, Bam's excitement that his Mommy and Daddy are getting married was just obvious to see.

He even kept look-out while they had a little smooch

OK, one last Bam Bam picture because he's just so teeny tiny and adorable:

I get it, I get it. We're not all dog people. You're probably here to read about Bam Bam's parents. Meet Alicia and Bill:

Alicia and Bill used to work together. Alicia explained it as "Well, I'm fairly outgoing and Bill was kind of quiet so we didn't talk too much at work." But then there was this work night out, a sort of teambuilding event if you will. Alicia and Bill found themselves walking together to the bar in the rain. Alicia thrust her umbrella at Bill and requested that he hold it for her. Bill not only held the umbrella but he carefully held it so that Alicia remained completely dry and he was drenched on one side.

Quick detour from Alicia & Bills story: I once had an ex-boyfriend who would always gallantly offer to hold my umbrella but would hold it directly over himself! I'd have to huddle closer to him and one side of me would always get soaking wet. One time Paul and I went to the Grand National (kind of like the Kentucky Derby in the UK) and the rain poured down all day. Paul held my umbrella and I stayed dry all day. It was an umbrella revelation. I think that was when I started to have suspicions that he would make an excellent future husband.... 

Back to Alicia and Bill, here they are up in the sky. I later found out that Bill is not the biggest fan of heights. Sorry Bill!

So Bill and Alicia arrive at the bar with all of their work colleagues and they spend the whole evening drinking and talking and laughing. At some point Alicia started to think that that maybe Bill was trying to be more than friends. Their co-workers noticed it too and started putting bets on whether anything would happen between these two.

Playing around with a tilt-shift lens here, I feel a new lens purchase in my future...

Bill walked Alicia to the train and he *may* have kissed her :) As Alicia headed into work the next day, she wondered what it would be like sitting across from Bill. Was it just a random kiss? Would it be awkward? Would they never speak of it again? Alicia arrived in the office and Bill walked straight over to say good morning and chat.

And that was it. They've been together ever since. Alicia and Bill. And Bam Bam of course. Who loves Alicia more than anyone else but has also grown very fond of Bill :) 

Alicia and Bill - if I'd have been there in that bar I would have happily bet money that you two would end up together! It was so much fun photographing you for these pictures and I am now even MORE excited for your December wedding at Renaissance Golf Club in Haverhill, MA!!!

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