Popponesset Inn Wedding Photographer :: St Elizabeth Seton Wedding, MA :: Mallory + Matt (Part I)

As Hurricane Sandy barrels towards us I'm trying to take advantage of the internet connection before the power goes out. My lights are flickering so if this post goes live it'll be a miracle! Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.

 But let's cast our minds back to last month...a beautiful late summer/early fall September Day on Cape Cod. The sun was shining, there was a mild breeze and it was the day that Mallory and Matt would get married!!! I've been trying to stick to photographing weddings from Boston up to Maine but every now and again a couple come along that make me break the rules and off to the Cape I go. Mallory and Matt were one of those couples.

 Friends and families spent the whole weekend celebrating with these two and I started my day with the girls. Mallory's Mom Kathy had decorated with pom poms and banners. If there was a competition for "Best Mother of the Bride Award" I think Kathy would be a shoo-in 

Mallory and Matt had put so much time and effort and thought into their wedding. I could have done 3 blog posts with their thoughtful details alone. My focus at weddings is always on the people and the moments but I just have to share some of these images with you - welcome boxes and baskets, monogrammed water bottles, hand printed ribboned invitations....

Mallory's bouquet was wrapped with a fabric from her mother's wedding dress which I think is just beautiful

Mallory had a card to send over to Matt. Her note turned into an essay covering all the available space on the card . These two are high-school sweethearts and I love that they still have SO much to say to one another.

Mallory had custom monogram shirts made for all of her bridemaids and Kathy made custom wine glasses for everyone with their "official titles":

Matt is Canadian and so there was a fair amount of US vs. Canada jokes flying around. Some of the guys did a little drive-by :)

Mallory in make-up:

A special shout-out has to go to the photography dream team that made documenting this wedding such a blast. Not only did I have my fabulous assistant Audrey along for the day to operate the photobooth but I had the ridiculously talented Lindsay of Lindsay Flanagan photography to shoot alongside me. I'm somewhat of a control freak and like to photograph EVERYTHING myself. Mallory and Matt's timeline meant that this just wouldn't be possible so I needed to bring in the big guns to make sure that groom's coverage and ALL of the details would be in safe hands. All pictures of the guys getting ready are Lindsay's

Matt also wrote an essay to Mallory, I think he used 3 pieces of paper :) 

Back with the girls it was time for Mallory to get into her wedding dress. Hello Monique - how lovely to see you again :) I love this next image:

Mallory did a little first look with her dad. I had a little lump in my throat when I saw this picture:

Mallory with her bridesmaids and flower girls:

We had just a few minutes for some family pictures before it was time to get to church!

Mallory!?!?! Could you look any more stunning?

Why yes? I guess you can!

This rather spectacular vehicle has been in Matt's family since the 60's and it's become somewhat of a Quinn family tradition to use it for transportation at weddings. Love it!

The wedding ceremony took place at St Elizabeth Seton in North Falmouth, MA. As I photographed the adorable flower girls making their entrance, Audrey photographed Mallory and her dad waiting outside. I'll let the wedding ceremony pictures speak for themselves but Matt's emotion as he saw Mallory for the first time brought another little lump to my throat:

Hoorah for Mallory and Matt! We're about to be driven to the Popponesset Inn by Matt's dad Mike (with the craziest wedding party ahead of us on the trolley), then it's pictures on the beach, the most stunning wedding reception details, the cutest first dance and much much more. You do not want to miss the rest of this one!!! If I have power I'll be posting part II tomorrow. If the power's out I'll be drinking wine in the basement. Stay thirsty my friends.

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  1. I love this wedding!!! The bride is beautiful!!! They look really cute together.